Small Business Spotlight:  Peejamas

Small Business Spotlight: Peejamas

The world needs more small businesses. Those small businesses need more support. The support has to come from people like you and me. So, I wanted to take the time to shine the spotlight on an exceptional small business. As we approach the first anniversary 

Review:  Bumkins Splat Mat & Sleeved Bib

Review: Bumkins Splat Mat & Sleeved Bib

We’ve been using both the mat & the bib since Chulengo started eating table food.  I have grouped them together because they are from the same company and easily bought together.  The pros and cons of each one are very similar. Pros Variety of fun 

Review:  Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Review: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This was the very first high chair we bought.  When Chulengo was first born, we lived in a smaller apartment with little space for a full-sized high chair.  So, we wanted something that would attach to the island in the kitchen at the time to 

Review:  Ikea Antilop High Chair

Review: Ikea Antilop High Chair

I stumbled upon this high chair during a late night online research session to find something for Chulengo to sit in during meal time.  I had initially put a $300+ high chair on my registry and had it fulfilled.  But I returned that high chair 

Review:  Little Nomad Play Mat

Review: Little Nomad Play Mat

Little Nomad’s Play Mat is a foam mat that can be used to improve safety where your little one crawls and plays. Pros Liquid resistant.  Easy to clean up spilled milk, water, drool, or other fluids Made from non-toxic products Looks like a trendy rug. 

Review:  California Baby Calming Diaper Area Wash

Review: California Baby Calming Diaper Area Wash

A good friend gave this to me as a baby present and by gosh I am so glad she did!  I use this every single time I change Chulengo’s dirty diaper. Pros Helps to easily clean Chulengo’s dirty bottom by moistening excrement for quick removal 

Review:  Dock-a-Tot Deluxe

Review: Dock-a-Tot Deluxe

Pros Lightweight, breathable fabric that comes in fun prints. The cover is machine-washable. Provided an environment where Chulengo slept through the night. Customer service is excellent.  One side of our dock-a-tot seemed a little squishy, compared to when we had first purchased it.  I contacted 

Review:  Fawn Diaper Bag

Review: Fawn Diaper Bag

Pros Sleek and trendy look for a diaper bag.  It doesn’t have the obnoxious appearance of most diaper bags. Spacious.  I can pack this bag with: an iPad, 2 muslin blankets, 4 burp cloths, 2 changes of clothing for Chulengo, a gallon size bag of toys, 

Review:  Uppababy Vista Stroller

Review: Uppababy Vista Stroller

Pros Folds easily and is relatively lightweight. Stands up when folded. Durable wheels for rugged terrain. I can take the stroller on grass, dirt paths, rocky areas without difficulty. Extremely smooth maneuvering.   The stroller glides very well. You can attach the bassinet, car seat,