Moving Binder Bundle

Moving Binder Bundle

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There is no better time than now to get organized for your move.  This unique bundle I have created contains 13 PDF pages for you to put together your moving binder.  Get access to the most important documents needed to organize your binder HERE. Below is a sneak peek at each page available for you:

  • Moving Checklist
    • Master to-do list, starting three months before moving date
  • Calendar for Important Dates
    • To keep track of important dates, meetings, and deadlines
  • Contact List
    • Keep contact names, company names, phone numbers, and email addresses all in one place
  • To Do List
    • A running list of things to check off
  • Moving Company Notes
    • Quotes, contracts, addendums, correspondence emails with moving companies
  • Rental Search Checklist
    • A form to keep notes on rental options organized
  • Address Change Checklist
    • List of companies and people you need to give your forwarding address
  • Box Inventory
    • List to note box number, location, contents, and whether it has been unpacked
  • Items to Sell
    • Keep track of items you need to sell, what platform you are selling on, and at what value
  • Items to Donate
    • Keep track of what you donate, where yo donate, and the value of items donated
  • Items to Purchase
    • Make a list of items you need to buy for your old home, the move and your new home
  • Moving Expense Tracker
    • Use this form to write down details of expenses along the way so you can keep a current, up-to-date list.  Put an envelope here to collect receipts.  When you get time, tape each receipt to a piece of paper and put in the moving binder to organize them easily and protect them from damage
  • Important Measurements
    • Keep track of measurements for doorways, stairways, rooms, hallways.  We always use the blueprint for our new place to plan where our furniture will go.  This way, we can see what will fit in our new place and what we need to reconsider packing to take to our new home

Want to know more about creating the ideal moving binder?  Read these tips for creating the perfect, coordinated, comprehensive moving binder, by clicking here.  

  • The Ultimate Moving Bundle has Arrived!
    The Ultimate Moving Bundle has Arrived!

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