2024 Word of the Year

2024 Word of the Year

Hey there, fellow moms! As I sit down with my cup of lukewarm tea (thanks, motherhood!), I can’t help but reflect on the past two years when I started choosing a “word of the year.” ‘Focus’ and ‘action’ were my guiding words, urging me to tunnel in on the important things and then get done what we needed to be successful as a family. Having a word of the year has allowed me to refocus each time things start to feel overwhelming.

But this year, my word of the year is all about progress. Not the daunting leaps or giant strides but the tiny, almost unnoticed steps toward improvement. I’ve embraced the beauty of making progress during my daily mom life. It’s not anywhere near as productive as I imagined it would be. But, I’ve learned to embrace the chaos that weaves into our daily lives, that continues to create memories, beautiful moments, and opportunities for growth. I’ve realized that focusing on big goals and major changes often leads to disappointment and feeling overwhelmed. Like they say, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

The 1% Rule: Small Changes, Big Impact

Thanks to lessons learned in Atomic Habits, I’ve adopted a new mantra: make changes of 1% over and over. It’s incredible how a series of small shifts can accumulate into significant transformation. Whether dedicating an extra five minutes to self-care or incorporating a new healthy snack into my routine, these tiny adjustments add up.

Let’s be real; I don’t have the luxury of a whole day to revamp my life, as I’m lucky to get 10 minutes of uninterrupted time each day. So, instead, I focus on bite-sized changes, like only checking my email one time per day or walking Bambino to preschool two days a week instead of driving. It’s progress without the overwhelm.

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Tackling the Back Burner: From Procrastination to Productivity

We all have that mental list of tasks we’ve been putting off – the ones lingering on the back burner. This year, I’m determined to tackle them head-on. From re-organizing the chaotic pantry post-holidays to finally nurturing collaborations that feel a little daunting, I’m taking the bull by the horns.

Sure, facing those neglected tasks is scary, but progress lies on the other side of fear. So, armed with determination and a sprinkle of courage, I’m diving into the projects I’ve been avoiding. And you know what? It feels liberating.

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Scary Goals: Because Comfort Zones are Overrated

Progress often involves doing things that scare us. This year, I’m challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone. Whether publishing a new project that I’ve been scared to put out there or getting back into Physical Therapy practice after a bit of a break, I’m pushing boundaries.

The beauty of progress is that it doesn’t demand perfection. It’s about embracing the journey, acknowledging the fear, and doing it anyway. So, here’s to scary goals, uncertain paths, and the undeniable growth accompanying them. 

Over the past few months, Bambino has developed a fear of unknown or socially challenging situations. He will tell me that he’s nervous over and over when in a new social setting. What better way for me to teach him that we can do things, even when we are scared than by showing him how I work through my fears

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Everyday Progress: The Key to Moving Forward

In a world that glorifies hustle culture, I’ve found peace in making a little progress every day. It’s not about sprinting; it’s about the consistent, steady pace that propels me forward. I’m no longer sacrificing my sleep, health, and peace of mind to get something done. 

Whether reading a few pages of a book, learning a new recipe, or simply decluttering a small corner of my living space, these daily wins contribute to my narrative of progress. It’s a reminder that even on the most chaotic days, I can make a difference, no matter how small.

a cup of coffee next to a sheet that says progress not perfection for the word of the year

In Conclusion: Progress, Not Perfection

So, here’s to a year of progress – small, steady, and significant. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve come to appreciate the power of these incremental changes. It’s not about the grand gestures or checking off every item on the to-do list; it’s about moving forward, one small step at a time.

Let’s celebrate this year’s victories, no matter how modest they seem. From tackling the tasks on the back burner to embracing the discomfort of growth, let progress be the compass guiding our journey through the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

After all, it’s not about standing still but choosing to move, even if it’s just a little. Here’s to progress in 2024! What’s your word of the year?

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