8 Binge-Worthy Netflix Dramas to Watch Now

8 Binge-Worthy Netflix Dramas to Watch Now

Suddenly, we all have a bit more time at home. Instead of attending birthday parties, vacationing with family, and enjoying the outdoors, we will be home, perfecting our social distancing skills. Instead of watching the emotionally draining news during this time of uncertainty and isolation, Netflix has come to the rescue.

What better time to catch up on your list of shows to watch than now. Stop flipping through the thousands of options on Netflix. Check out this list of eight TV series dramas to enjoy and take your mind off of the drama in real life.

Breaking Bad

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I liked this show so much, I watched it twice. First in 2014 and again this year. And it was just as good the second time around. I think this might be my all-time favorite show. Breaking Bad follows chemistry teacher, Walter White, who diagnosed with cancer begins dabbling in the meth industry to make ends meet.

Knowing his cancer treatment and possible death will leave his pregnant wife and son with cerebral palsy unable to survive financially, his journey into the drug world becomes complicated. The character development in this show is terrific. I loved and hated every single character at some point. And it’s the most satisfying series finale I’ve ever seen. But, I will warn you, it took me watching four episodes of the first season to get into it. Then I couldn’t be stopped.


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Imposters kept me on my toes for most of each season. My mom and husband even binge-watched it with me one weekend. The story focuses on Maddie, a con-artist who has fooled many people over the years. Unfortunately, some former love interests catch on to her scam and are determined to find out the truth. So, I literally could not stop watching this one. I liked this one because my opinion kept changing who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. A little bit of comedy, a little bit of drama to keep the ride fun.

Dead to Me

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I am a fan of Christina Applegate, so I was excited to watch this show. After the recent hit-and-run death of her husband, Jen befriends another woman at a grief support group meeting. As polar opposites, their unlikely friendship evolves as they attempt to solve the mystery of Jen’s husband’s death. The dark comedy provided an interesting take on grief and kept me up late, watching episode after episode.

Gossip Girl

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My old roommate watched this show when we lived together, but I never had a chance to watch it until recently. Gossip Girl, a mysterious know-it-all, shares secrets and stirs the pot about a group of well-to-do teenagers from the Upper East Side of NYC. If you are looking for a juicy, well-done, teen drama that sheds light on the lifestyles of the super-wealthy, with many twists and turns…this is your show.


A stressed out looking woman with long brown hair.  Text overlay "shameless"

I will warn you, this one is a bit raunchy and sometimes difficult to stomach, but I couldn’t look away. Frank, a single father of six kids, spends most of his time absent and drunk while his oldest daughter raises the younger kids. So much drama. This series follows the family to see how they make it work, with limited resources and support. This show was just one train wreck after another that I couldn’t stop watching.

Virgin River

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I stumbled upon this show while I had a weekend alone with the baby. I watched the whole thing in two days while organizing and folding laundry. It is so good! In an attempt to escape reality in Los Angeles, Mel, a nurse practitioner, takes a temporary position in a small town in Northern California. Her new life stretches her limits emotionally, professionally, and mentally.


A man standing at the end of a table with a computer and pad of paper in front of him.  A few men are in the background.  Text overlay "Ozark" The Netflix logo is in the top left corner.

Marty Byrd and his family relocate from Chicago to the Ozarks after he unintentionally gets wrapped up in a money-laundering scheme with a Mexican cartel. Each episode involved drama that kept me glued to the screen. It’s often compared to Breaking Bad, but with Ozark, the whole family gets involved, and the focus is more on money-laundering and less on making or distributing drugs. I have finished each season within a couple of days of it coming out.


A man lying down syran wrapped to a table. Numerous candles are lit around his head. Text overlay "Dexter"

We watched this one last year and enjoyed it. Dexter Morgan lives a double life as a blood spatter expert for the Miami homicide investigation unit and a serial killer. A vigilante, Dexter only murders those who are guilty. With a sister in the local police force and his co-workers unaware of his lifestyle, Dexter tries to keep his hobby a secret. I liked this show because it’s a little bit of drama, a little bit of comedy, a little bit of suspense.

I hope you have found something on this list to check out, and you enjoy it as much as I did. What have been your favorite shows to binge-watch?

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