How to Easily Repurpose Holiday Cards

How to Easily Repurpose Holiday Cards

I love sending out holiday cards. And I love, love, love receiving holiday cards. I get a little teary-eyed when I get snail-mail from the folks I love so much. This year, each time we received a card we taped it to the wall in Chulengo’s room. Every day we would look at the cards with pictures and point out who was who.

Initially, he would point to someone, and we would say their name. By Christmas time, he was able to remember some names without our prompting. I want Chulengo to know loved ones near and far, even if we don’t have the opportunity to see them very often. The holiday cards are a great tool to teach him.

So, as we were getting Chulengo ready for bed tonight, we stopped and looked at the cards again. I am sad that the holidays are winding down and the photo wall won’t continue to grow. Other than leaving them up on the wall, what could I do with all these beautiful cards that were a reminder of our incredible, loved ones?

I came up with a good idea to repurpose our holiday cards. I made a book of holiday cards. Chulengo loves books. I want him to know the people who we love so much. Having a book with their photos is a perfect idea, especially for folks who live far away from us.

To make the book, I separated the photo cards from the non-photo cards. I started with photo cards first, arranging them by size from smallest to biggest. Then used a hole punch and a loose leaf ring to put the photos together.

stack of holiday cards on a wood floor with a hole punch and ring next to the stack

I ordered photos of each person who sent us a pictureless card. I have cut the card in half, keeping the inside of the card they signed. I will paste each person’s photo to the backside of the signed card they sent and add them to the holiday card book.

Take a look at the final product below. I am excited to flip through this book with Chulengo. This awesome book will help him learn the names of each special person who sent us a holiday card this year.

Do you have any plans or projects for the holiday cards you have received? If so, I want to know!! I love new ideas.

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