10 Unique & Personalized Gifts for the Baby in Your Life

10 Unique & Personalized Gifts for the Baby in Your Life

With the Holiday sneaking up on us, Finding the perfect gift for a baby can be tough. There are so many options, and if you’re like me, you want to find a personable, useful, and unique gift. Etsy has been my go-to for baby gifts… handmade items created by Small Businesses. Here is a list of ten of my favorite special, personalized gifts for the baby on your list.

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Piggy Bank

personalized bank - great personalized gifts for the baby
Etsy Shop: DrapelaWoodworks

Who doesn’t want to teach a little one to start saving early? I like this particular bank for a few reasons. I love gifts using the child’s initial because it is subtle yet personalized. I also love being able to see the coins. I know my toddler would be thrilled to see his collection of coins as he grows.

Wooden Stacking Rainbow

Rainbows are big right now. Especially rainbows that are made with non-traditional colors. I like this stacking rainbow because it’s perfect for nursery decor early on, and then, as the baby gets older, it can be used for play. This shop, Leahspapermemories, makes this rainbow in a variety of color combinations.

Night Light

This lamp looks great lit up at night and is also eye-catching during the daytime when it is turned off. It provides just enough light to provide comfort but subtle enough not to interrupt sleep.

Baby Block Set

With various color options and woodland themed images, these blocks are the perfect decor option for a nursery. Stack them side by side or vertically. What a fun way for a little one to learn the spelling of their name with these personalized blocks.

Stuffed Animal

I love the idea of a stuffed animal because it is something that your child can really get attached to. Most children have a lovey, aka favorite plush toy, and what better lovey to have than a personalized one just for them. I like that the personalization of this stuffed animal is subtle.


We received this as a gift with our first child and I am so thankful. It sits in Chulengo’s chair where he often cuddles during quiet time. I love to use this pillow to chat with Chulengo about the stats on this pillow. We will talk about the numbers, discuss what height and weight are, and practice letter recognition.

Wooden Name Puzzle

I am all about multipurpose gifts, and this puzzle looks perfect as nursery decor when a baby is small and then easily transitions to a learning toy as the baby gets older. Puzzles are a huge hit with most kids, and a personalized one is even more special.

Keepsake Book

We are big book people over here. My motto has always been if I can teach my kids to love reading, no matter what happens in their future, they will be alright. They will learn, discover, research, and relax through reading. So, introducing a personalized book makes reading that much more special for little ones.

Swaddle Blanket

A baby can never have too many blankets. This one is perfect for first pictures at the hospital, cozying up in their car seat on outings, and sleeping with them as they become toddlers.


Who doesn’t love baby snuggles after bathtime? This robe is perfect for keeping a baby warm after a bath. With so many design options in the DreamEmbroideryStore, it is easy to find the right one for each baby.

Finding that perfect gift can feel time-consuming. So, I hope this list has lightened your load and helped you find the perfect gift for the baby in your life.

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