15 Baby Registry Items That Have Lasted Beyond The First Year

15 Baby Registry Items That Have Lasted Beyond The First Year

When we were expecting Chulengo, we lived in a small apartment.  So, when we put together a list of baby registry items, I focused on tools that were going to help us out in the long run.  Lucky that I did, because although we have moved since having Chulengo, we are still in an apartment where space is limited.

We have a closet in Chulengo’s room that has become the baby storage space.  This closet is where we put items that we had for Chulengo when he was an infant but no longer need:  a rock n play, 0-9 month clothing, burp clothes, pumping supplies, you get the idea.  They are all things that we may someday need again (I hope), but we just don’t need them or use them right now.

When I look at registry items that we received that I am still using one year later, I get happy.  Those items have been used over and over.  They aren’t tucked away in a closet.

Baby gift bags on table

If you are looking for items that you are going to use well over a year, check out this list below.

Baby Monitor

We chose a monitor that we could pair multiple cameras.  Therefore, we have a camera in Chulengo’s nursery and also one in his playroom.  Because I don’t have a clear, direct view of the playroom from the kitchen, I can quickly glance at the monitor to make sure Chulengo is safe while I am prepping dinner.  We don’t rely on the monitor as much as we did when Chulengo was initially born, but we use it to check on Chulengo without distracting him.

Countertop Drying Rack

Ok, I admit that I am still using this drying rack in our kitchen, but it is not always for Chulengo’s items.  I use it to dry anything – Tupperware containers, plastic cups, a hand blender blade, chopping knives, you name it.  This is the best drying rack we have ever had.   Now, if I can only get it in a stylish color to match my kitchen. **Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this drying rack in our kitchen. It’s low profile has worked well for us for many years.

Boppy Pillow and Slip Cover

Chulengo and I are still on our nursing journey together.  Typically, I nurse him in the glider in his nursery.  Being a Physical Therapist, I am very aware of my posture and try to avoid painful or awkward positions.  This can be difficult to do when nursing a squirmy toddler.  Ergonomically, I am most comfortable when I place the boppy underneath him.  He settles in on the boppy and calms down to nurse, while my hands are free and shoulders are relaxed.

Bum Brush

Hands-free, cream applicator.  Whoever invented this is a genius.  I have one in the nursery and one in the diaper bag.  One of my favorite registry items of all time.

Compact Travel Version:

Car Seat Mirror

I think I use the car seat mirror more now than I ever did before.  I can easily check and see if Chulengo is awake, eating a snack, looking out the window, or freaking out.  He has also figured out that he can see me in the mirror.  I can interact with Chulengo without having to turn my head to look behind the seat.  This makes a car ride much more enjoyable for both of us.

Diaper Bag

I purchased a diaper bag that is black leather.  Why?  Because I knew I would no longer carry a purse on a regular basis.  So I wanted the diaper bag to compliment my outfits and be low profile.  The contents of my diaper bag have certainly changed over the past year, but my bag has been by my side every day.


When I originally saw this night-light, I loved it because it was an owl.  If you know me, I love owls.  Chulengo’s first animal sound was “whooo” for an owl.  But this night-light has come in handy for multiple reasons.  I used it during nighttime diaper changes when Chulengo was first born.  Now, it’s a part of our bedtime routine to keep the room dimly lit.  I also give it to Chulengo now during diaper changes to keep his hands busy and out of his diaper.  

In the future, I plan to give to Chulengo this night-light to use when he feels like he needs a little extra light, when in his room by himself.  The best part about this night-light?  It shuts off after 30 minutes because my mom-brain will forget to turn it off. **Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this nightlight. Our second kiddo uses the same one that our first kiddo was gifted. It has lasted through two toddlers lifetimes, which is a miracle.

Nose Frida

This thing has been a blessing for those times when Chulengo has been super congested.  Especially, when he got the flu, and the couple of colds that he has had in the past few months.  I especially recommend using a nasal spray first to loosen secretions.  There is something satisfying about seeing what actually comes out of Chulengo’s nose to know it is working. **Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this. I use this on our 6 year old and 3 year old when we can’t get them to blow their nose well. Especially, when they are not feeling well.

Outdoor Blanket

We have taken this blanket with us to the park, to the beach, to the playground, anywhere outdoors.  It’s durable, easy to clean, easy to fold, and easy to store.  I particularly like this one because it has a little cooler pouch attached for snacks. **Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this blanket. It still looks new. We take it everywhere. And it wraps up so easily that it’s been our go-to blanket since our first was born over 6 years ago.

Portable Changing Pad

Where has this changing pad not gone?  Using this portable pad, we have been able to change Chulengo’s diaper on an airplane, in the trunk of the car, at the park, at the store, you name it.  Anywhere I have been with Chulengo in the last year; this changing pad has come with us.  It’s great to have one space for diapers, wipes, and other diapering accessories.  I usually clip this to the diaper bag, so it is easy to access.

Rectal Thermometer

The rectal temperature is the most accurate temperature of a baby.  The little one we have on hand has been so handy in times when we freak out about Chulengo’s temperature.  It’s quick and easy to use and essential to monitor Chulengo’s temperature.

Sleepsacks with Zippers

I have used a couple of different sleepsacks through Chulengo’s short life.  Initially, when Chulengo was first born, we used little peapod-like sleepsacks with no armholes.  Chulengo was snug as a bug in the sacks.  He slept very well.  Once he started rolling, we had to use a sleepsack that had armholes.  I preferred the sleepsacks where the arms zipped off so I could slowly transition him to one hand out first.  Then, I would transition to two hands out.  

I prefer sleepsacks that close with a zipper for a couple of reasons.  One, they are easy to put on and take off, especially during the middle of the night diaper changes.  Two, they stay snug.  The blankets and velcro swaddles we had would loosen easily or come undone when Chulengo would wiggle around.  While the zippered sacks would stay tight around Chulengo.

Sound Machine

Ah, the sound machine.  This is my secret weapon to get Chulengo to go to sleep.  I chose one that has the option to plug into the wall or be battery operated. So, when I am at home, I am not going through a ton of batteries since I can plug it in.  But, I have the option to travel with it easily. **Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this when we travel with the boys. It’s nice to have the option to plug in or use batteries. It doesn’t require wi-fi or an app to operate. And it helps drown out the sounds outside of their bedrooms when traveling.

Stroller Organizer

I use our stroller every single day.  Chulengo and I walk every day.  We go to the grocery store, the park, the mall, or around the neighborhood.  Being able to put my wallet, phone, water, Chulengo’s sippy cup within reach is very important.  I hate to rummage through a bag to find small items, so the stroller organizer has really come in handy.

**Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this organizer. We don’t use the stroller as often, but this organizer has been clutch in keeping things organized, especially water bottles and snacks now that the boys are no longer babies.

Wet-Dry Bag

We usually use this bag when I least expect it.  Each time we use it, I am SO glad that we have it.  If we have an explosive diaper while running errands, I can put the dirty diaper and Chulengo’s soiled clothes in the wet bag.  If Chulengo spills food or milk all over his clothes during a meal out, we can change his clothes and put the damp clothing in the wet-dry bag.   I love that I can use this bag to keep dirty or wet items separate from the rest of the stuff in his diaper bag.

**Coming back here 6 years later to say that we still use this bag for swimming lessons. I put the boys’ wet bathing suits inside and it keeps everything else in the swim bag dry.

So, there you have 15 items that you can continue to use well past the first year of your baby’s life. And even a few that are still helping our family out over six years later. Are there any other items you recommend getting to use long term?

15 Registry Items

8 thoughts on “15 Baby Registry Items That Have Lasted Beyond The First Year”

  • I totally agree with you here. I have never even heard of a bum brush but now I wish I would’ve had it for my kids! I’m still using most of these 2 years later and 6 years later! Great list

    • The bum brush is a lifesaver!! That’s good to hear you are still using things 2 & 6 years later… I love products that get good mileage!

  • These are awesome products that we too used after the first year. In fact, there are still many that we still use on a regular basis. As a new parent, it’s convenient to have someone share what’s worth the money for the long haul.

  • These are awesome recommendations. The diaper bag thing rings so true. I found a Vera Bradley one that I was in love with while I was pregnant. I weighed the pros and cons of splurging and in the end I decided to get it. It was so worth it because I love it, it’s my style, and I still carry it around all the time, 2 1/2 years later. I rarely use a purse anymore because it is just so much easier with a little one to bring the diaper bag. So that and, I would have to say, our humidifier has gotten the most use since we had our daughter.

    • Thank you, Jill. I agree, you are going to have a long term relationship with your diaper bag, so you better like it!

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