5 Essential “NON-BABY” Items You Need for Your Baby

I love to find multiple purposes for items in my house.  I use a vase under the kitchen sink to store dishwasher pods.  I use binder clips to keep food items fresh.  I even have a bean bag chair in Chulengo’s playroom that is full of extra linens and stuffed animals that I don’t have room to store.  If I can use one item to complete multiple tasks, it saves me space and money — which makes me a happy mama!

So, when it comes to taking care of Chulengo, I like to find items around the house that I can put to good use.  You won’t see the items listed below on a typical baby registry, but you can find them right in your own kitchen.  I am sure these items were not created with a baby in mind.  But, I have found a way to use them for Chulengo on a daily basis.

Instead of buying baby-specific tools that take up space, use these common household items to take care of your little one.

  1. Microfiber Towels


    • We use these towels Every. Single. Day.  I currently use two for every meal time.  One for Chulengo to hold and chew on while I use the other to clean his high chair off before cleaning him up.  These also come in handy to have in the car and stroller for unexpected messes while we are out.Microfiber Towels
  2. Appetizer Plates

    • When I feed Chulengo, I usually have a small smorgasbord of things to give him.  He is in this phase right now where he wants three bites of everything — nothing more.  So, I offer him a good variety of options.  Appetizer plates are helpful because I can put a few different foods on a small plate and bring it over to put on his tray.  They come in handy if I need to warm up his little portions by putting them in the microwave or I can set the plate in the fridge to cool his food.  Because they don’t take up much space, clean up is super easy.  I can hand wash them very quickly or throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher.Appetizer Plates
  3. Crinkle Cut Knife

    • We chose to follow the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach when introducing food to Chulengo.  It is important with BLW that Chulengo can grasp long, fry-shaped pieces of fruits and vegetables.  Because many fruits and veggies are slippery after being washed and cut, a wavy shaped knife, like a crinkle cut knife, makes it easier for Chulengo to grasp his food.Crinkle Cut Knife
  4. Measuring Spoon

    • I have probably purchased over ten baby spoons in the past few months, and somehow, there I don’t always have a clean spoon for Chulengo.  As a substitute, I have used plastic measuring spoons for him to use.  A teaspoon isn’t a permanent solution, but it is perfect for when Chulengo doesn’t have the patience for me to find a baby spoonMeasuring Spoons
  5. Food Storage Containers 

    • Chulengo rarely eats all of the food that I prepare for him in one sitting.  He is the King of leftovers.  I also food prep when I can so that I can have food ready to go at a moments notice.  So, when I need to store Chulengo’s food, I find small food storage containers do the trick.  Before I had kids, I would have laughed at these little tiny containers.  But now, I would waste so much food without them.  For example, I can quickly wash and prepare cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries and toss them into these little containers.  I often cut homemade sandwiches into strips for Chulengo and these containers store them perfectly.  I can also grab a couple of containers and throw them in the diaper bag if I am running out the door and we will be away during meal time.  They take up little space in the fridge or the diaper bag.  Since they are see-through so I can quickly see what is inside.Food Storage Containers

Do you have any items that you use for your baby that aren’t made especially for babies?  If so, comment below and share!

5 Non-Baby Items for Baby

12 thoughts on “5 Essential “NON-BABY” Items You Need for Your Baby”

  • I love the wash cloth idea! I was a big fan of using wash cloths for teething too! When my babies were this age I wish we would have had those tiny containers, they would have saved so much space in ny fridge!

    I love the crinkle cut knife idea too! I might just try that with my special needs 13 year old!

    • Thank you. You are right! The washcloths are great for teething too! Chulengo will often want to carry the washcloth around after dinner and chew on it for a bit.

  • These are amazing suggestions! I have to totally agree with all of these items – ESPECIALLY the food storage containers. Without them, you can end up wasting/throwing out so much food. I think that this post is important for all parents to read 🙂

  • That crinkle cut knife is an amazing idea!! I wish I had known about it sooner! Super helpful article, thank you!

  • It’s amazing the things that come in handy when we have babies! I’m pregnant with my second now, and I’ve already forgotten which baby items I actually used and which non-baby items came most in handy. The washcloth is definitely a necessity, and the storage containers, and I never would have remembered without this post.

  • I love the measuring spoon idea. My parents have long since done away with baby spoons, except of one. And when my sister was over this last month, baby C needed to eat and Sister forgot the spoon! We were running around trying to find that one baby spoon. We ended up just using a teaspoon until I found it, and boy was Baby C a mess by the time I found it. My parents have so many lose measuring spoons, that there are enough for MI, Baby C and when I have baby!

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