50 Awesome Toddler Gifts Under $50: No Batteries Required!

50 Awesome Toddler Gifts Under $50: No Batteries Required!

Now that my youngest is almost three years old, we’ve had a lot of experience with toddler gifts. Some toys were a huge hit and still have a front row seat in the playroom. Other toys were given away, or tossed after a short period of time because they broke, pieces got lost, or our kiddos lost interest. I’ve even donated a few toys that were overstimulating for our household… (pssst, one was the bumble ball)

I’ve been a big fan of toys that don’t require batteries for few reasons:

  • Batteries can get pretty pricey, especially if a toy runs out of batteries often. And when we run out of batteries at our house, chaos ensues until we find replacements.
  • Toys with batteries can be louder, overstimulating, and more passive than non-battery toys.
  • I always worry about kiddos getting a hold of batteries and putting them in their mouths. We’ve had a few episodes of panic when a battery has gone missing, so perhaps I am a little sensitive.
  • Non-battery toys sometimes require more creativity, which often stimulates my kiddos’ brains a bit more.

But shopping for a toddler around the holidays can be hard. All of the options are overwhelming, so as a veteran toddler parent, I put together a list of 50 gifts for the special toddler in your life. Best part? All ideas are under $50 for budget-savvy shoppers!  The even better part?  None of these gifts require batteries! I also use a lot of these gift ideas in our home during homeschool preschool and other educational activities.

Adirondack Chair

Alphabet Train

Baby Doll Stroller

Balance Bike

Balance Board

Balancing Stones

Basketball Hoop

Bath Pipes


Book Set

Bouncy Pal

Building Blocks

Busy Board

Camping Set

Cash Register

Count Your Chickens Game

Daily Calendar

Doodle Board

Doodle Mat


Egg Matching Game

Garden Building Set

Grill Set

Large Cardboard Blocks

Large Lego Blocks

Lawn Mower

Magnetic Tiles

Musical Instrument Set

Paint Daubers

Paint Sticks

Pretend Clean-Up Set

Pretend Kitchen Set

Pretend Play Costume


Sensory Bin

Shape Sorter

Shopping Cart


Sorting Bears

Spelling Boards

Splash Pad


Stamp Set

T-Ball Set

Table & Chairs


Toddler Chair

Train Set

Tree Swing

Water Table

There you have it.  Fifty gifts under $50 for your toddler. Now keep in mind, online prices may change at any time. But at time of publishing, all gifts listed above are under $50. I hope this list creates simple shopping that stays under budget! Do you have a gift you are looking to give your favorite toddler in your life?

50 Gifts for a Toddler Under $50. The best toddler gifts list

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