How to Find the Right Diaper for Your Baby

How to Find the Right Diaper for Your Baby

With a new baby in the house, there is one thing we used more than anything else — diapers, diapers, diapers. So many diapers. Some parents opt for a cloth diapering system while others prefer disposable diapers.

Every day, I see moms online seeking answers to find the perfect diaper. Which diapers won’t leak? Which diapers allow your baby to move around most easily? Which diapers have the least amount of chemicals? Which diapers won’t cause a diaper rash? Which diapers are eco-friendly?

There are dozens of different types of diapers out there. So many, that is easy to be overwhelmed with the options. Unfortunately, you don’t know that a diaper isn’t the right one for your little one until you have opened a pack of diapers, used one, and discovered the worst-case scenario – a blowout, urine-soaked pants, or a diaper rash.

In the first few weeks of Chulengo’s life, I spent way too much time staring at diapers in the baby aisle at Target. Not only were there too many brands to filter through, but each brand had different types of diapers. I had no clue what kind of diapers to purchase, so I picked a couple of different brands and brought them home.

After finding the perfect diaper for Chulengo, we ended up with many unusable, opened diaper packages that didn’t agree with Chulengo. Most of those packages were nearly full since we used only a couple of diapers before finding out they weren’t the right fit for Chulengo. I hated the idea of tossing a pack of entirely usable diapers. I also hated the idea of storing dozens of diapers we would never use. But, I couldn’t find any local friends that needed the diapers we weren’t using.

Now, I found the perfect solution to finding the perfect diaper for babies: Diaper Dabbler.

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What is Diaper Dabbler?

Diaper Dabbler was started by Julie Siewert, a mom in Wisconsin, who was overwhelmed with the disposable diaper options for her little ones. Diaper Dabbler sells diaper variety packs in one convenient box for parents to try out, eliminating the stress of buying and opening cumbersome packages of different diapers that don’t work best.

The best part? Diaper Dabbler offers over 20 brands of diapers to sample: store brands, name brands, and eco-friendly brands. You can choose several pre-selected package options, including natural diaper companies or main-stream diaper companies. Or you can customize your package to include only the brands of diapers you want to try.

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Each brand of diapers in the sampler pack comes in a three-pack, allowing you just enough to sample but not enough to waste. The diapers are packaged in protective, yet environmentally friendly material, which is always a bonus. Once you decide which diaper is the right fit for your baby, you can order that particular brand at your favorite store or online site.

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Diaper Dabbler takes all the grunt work out of having to find the perfect diaper for your precious baby. Now you can save time and money by having a variety diaper package sent to your home. We used this program with our most recent baby. And I loved it! I loved being able to try out each brand of diaper on my son to see what fit him best. I realized that I prefer diapers that have the wetness indicator, but it’s not available with all diaper brands. My son also has very chunky thighs, so I liked being able to try different diapers to see what fit him comfortably without leaking.

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Diaper Dabbler provides you with a checklist to keep track of what you like or dislike about each brand. We all know this is important for those first few weeks after birth when mom and dad are in a foggy haze from lack of sleep and crazy sleep schedules.

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Shipping is free with any purchase over $35 or a flat rate of $5 if you don’t reach $35.

If you are trying to find the perfect diaper for your little one, check out the Diaper Dabbler.

And if you aren’t in the market for diapers for your little one, considering giving a Diaper Dabbler variety pack as a gift to a new mom you know! Working on your registry? Check out these 15 items that we received when Chulengo was born that we are still using a year later.

how to find the right diaper for your baby text with a stack of diapers
how to find the right diaper for your baby text with a stack of diapers

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