Is a Backyard Pool a Good Idea for Young Children?

Is a Backyard Pool a Good Idea for Young Children?

Moving is a challenging task. You question your new home’s features and wonder how your family will adjust. It becomes trickier when you need to accommodate your kids. Do you need all the bedrooms on the same floor? Is there backyard space? Does the kitchen allow you to see what your kids are up to while you’re prepping meals? Is there a pool, and if so, do you want one?

We saw a few homes with a pool when searching for a home years ago. At first, I nixed those houses because I was against having a pool. Chulengo was about a year old, and the thought of keeping him safe in our backyard sounded overwhelming. But now that I look back, a pool would have been a great way to keep kids entertained, giving us space to exercise and help us spend time together as a family.

If and when we look for our next home, I would love the option to have a pool. Backyard pools are common luxuries. You might dream of adding one to your property; is a backyard pool a good idea for young children? Here’s everything you need to know before installing one or buying a house with a pool.

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Benefits of Swimming for Special Needs Children

There are many reasons besides aesthetic appeal to have a pool in your backyard. I’ll share some incredible benefits that will improve your child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Enhances Motor Skills

Swimming enhances coordination and encourages us to focus on breathing. As a pelvic floor Physical Therapist who teaches breathing to adults, I love the idea of helping teach children to breathe correctly from a young age. Also, the water’s resistance makes it a low-impact exercise that builds strength and endurance. Your child can work on their gross motor skills, like kicking and stroking, and fine motor skills, like hand-eye coordination.

Boosts Confidence

Swimming can boost anyone’s confidence. Your child will feel accomplished as they learn new skills and master movements in the water. Frequent practice will reinforce their confidence in their capabilities. Seeing Bambino glow as he climbs out of the water after showing off his cannonball is pretty magical.

Overcoming water-related fears and challenges fosters courage and determination and positively contributes to your child’s personal development and self-esteem. Throughout the years of swimming lessons that both boys have taken, we’ve had periods where they were afraid of the water. Working through those fears has improved their confidence when swimming in pools, lakes, and rivers.

Creates a Soothing Environment

Emotional well-being is just as valuable as physical health. Having a backyard pool means your kids will always have a serene environment to alleviate negative feelings, such as anxiety or stress. The rhythmic motion of swimming promotes relaxation, and exercise encourages the body to produce endorphins that improve mood.

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Necessary Precautions To Ensure Safety

Though swimming in a pool has many advantages for young children, you must lay out some rules and modify the pool deck to guarantee their safety.

A Pool Gate

Controlling access to the pool area is a must. Choose a self-closing gate so the pool area is always secure. Place the latch out of reach, and consider adding a lock for additional protection. E

A Secure Fence Around the Backyard

The fencing around your yard should be at least four feet high so children cannot climb over. It should also have self-closing and self-latching sections that are out of their reach. The spacing between the fence slats should be minimal, preventing small children from squeezing through.

A Pool Cover

A pool cover is an additional barrier, preventing accidental falls into the water when the pool is not in use. You can select a sturdy pool cover that withstands considerable weight and seals tightly around the edges.

Swimming Lessons

Getting my boys into swimming lessons was the only thing that gave me peace of mind when bringing the boys around water. With Chulengo, I initially tried group swimming lessons. And that was a bust. He wouldn’t pay attention, wanted to get out of the water, and didn’t learn anything. So, I enrolled him in weekly private swimming lessons, which made all the difference. Bambino started private swimming lessons when he was just under two years old. Now, both boys can swim, jump, and play in the water safely, no matter how deep the water is.

Feeling comfortable letting them swim and explore has made swimming in pools, lakes, and rivers much more enjoyable.

an adult helping a young kid swim. kid is wearing swim cap and goggles

Seek Professional Guidance and Support

You only know how your child will react to a pool once you let them explore! Discuss the addition of a pool and the benefits of swimming with your child’s healthcare provider if you have further concerns. These certified professionals will guide you through the process and let you know if playing in a pool is a good idea for young children.

From there, you can begin communication with a pool installation specialist to design a family swimming pool. When you include pool railings, ledges, and a safe depth, you’ll create an amazing arrangement that is safe and fun for your new home.

Remember, buying a home with a pool or installing a pool in your existing backyard requires a lot of planning and thought to keep your children safe. With proper safety mechanisms and preparation, swimming with young kids in your backyard pool can be an enjoyable experience.

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