Learning a New Language Together as a Fun Family Activity

Learning a New Language Together as a Fun Family Activity

Learning a new language is often considered a solo pursuit. Countless people have pursued learning a new language on their own. But have you ever considered that same pursuit as a family concept? Getting the whole gang together to learn a new language can be immensely rewarding, educational, and, you bet…fun!

Benefits of Learning a New Language

Whether it’s your partner/spouse, your kids, grandparents, or even a curious cousin, niece, or nephew, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits of any solo-based knowledge journey:

  • A greater appreciation and understanding of different countries and cultures.
  • The ability to speak with a whole new group of people.
  • Expanded cultural & historical connections.
  • The simple pleasures of everyday conversations and interactions.
  • Learning a new language is a brain-friendly endeavor that helps with memory retention, critical “gray matter” development, and overall cognitive function!
  • And much more!

Learning a new language with your family is a great way to create stronger familial bonds, as everyone knows they’re all in the task together. And you’ll have a blast during the process – Children in elementary school often pick up certain dialects and words faster than adults with a master’s degree! Learning a new language can keep everyone learning at the same pace, even if certain family members are natural “fast learners.”

And here’s one of the best (and most unexpected) parts about studying a brand new language as a family – absorbing the knowledge as a group can help accelerate the learning journey. Think about it. Your family already has its own particular “code of communication,” which includes (of course) how you speak and communicate with each other on a daily basis. Simply apply this existing system to your new language, and…Voilà! (Don’t worry, if you’re learning French together, you’ll soon learn it means “tada” or “it’s finished.)

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Tips & Tricks for Learning a New Language as a Family

Now that you know about the benefits involved with learning a new language, you probably have a few questions about how to get started, what types of activities or applications can help, and even what language to choose. I’ve got you covered! Here’s a handful of planning methods, learning styles, and more to help your entire family become bi-lingual!

Decide on a Schedule

Before even picking the language (more on that in a minute), it helps to establish a schedule so everyone can gather together. Remember, learning a new language is a collaborative process. Having the entire family in the same space not only guarantees you’ll have more fun, but you’ll probably learn faster, too!

Even for busy families with kids’ sports schedules and such, it shouldn’t be too hard to set aside a few days per week or a half-hour or hour to agree on what schedule works for you. Now, it’s time for the fun part…

Choose Your New Language

This decision is entirely dependent on your own family’s preference. Sure, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world (besides English). Theoretically, that means you could speak it to more people, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right language for you.

For example, let’s say you’re planning a vacation to Spain or South America. In this case, learning Spanish would be a great advantage for everyone in your family. Or, perhaps, you’ve discovered a long-lost relative in Paris, Nice, or Nantes. In this case, learning French would be an obvious pick.

When making the selection, give everyone a vote, then arrive at the best decision based on the votes, upcoming activities, educational considerations, and other important factors.

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Take Your Learning Online

Just a few decades ago, learning a new language meant endless repetition with memorizing words and carrying around unwieldy tapes, voice recorders, or textbooks. Today, you can learn with a language learning app that fits in your pocket! With online learning, you’ll have plenty of fun activities to do together, and you’ll end up learning faster, too!

Get Aligned on Your Goals

Just like every other task, it helps to establish goals when starting your new language. Similar to the process of choosing yours, get every family member’s input on challenging (but realistic) goals. For example, you could attempt to read the first chapter of a children’s book in your new language by next week.

Wine and Dine

A great way to enjoy learning a new language is to get to know the associated culture’s food and drink. Or, since this is a family activity, let’s call it Mocktail & Much! If you’re learning German, head to an authentic restaurant for some bratwurst, schnitzel, and pretzels. You can also make ethnically inspired meals right in your home – a great idea for a post-lesson dinner!

Remember to Have Fun!

Games, storytelling, and other interactive activities will assist everyone in learning a new language. You can create your own activities or utilize the fun, skill-building activities included with the language-learning software applications mentioned above.

Regardless of your family size, goals, or what language you’d like to learn, keep these things in mind. You’re ready to begin learning a new language. Buena suerte (good luck in Spanish)!

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