Spring Break: How to Plan Multigenerational Travel With Ease

Spring Break: How to Plan Multigenerational Travel With Ease

Multigenerational travel has many rewarding benefits for families. When generations, including children, parents and grandparents, can explore new areas across the globe together, they can forge stronger connections, establish new traditions and create lasting memories. However, planning multigenerational trips requires a lot of thought and consideration, as destinations and activities need to be age-appropriate for everyone in the group.

A typical time for families to book trips is during spring break. Families planning their trip need to be prepared well in advance to navigate busy crowds and fewer accommodations at tourist hot-spots. With this guide, we’ll walk through how you can thoroughly plan and choose the ideal spring break destination for your multigenerational trip.

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How to Choose the Ideal Spring Break Destination

There are several factors to consider when planning a multigenerational trip for spring break. From accessibility and climate to accommodations and budgets, here’s what to keep in mind when choosing the ideal spring break destination:

  • Budget: Before planning a multigenerational spring break trip, it’s important to have a detailed budget on what every family member is comfortable spending. With a budget in place, you can begin searching for travel, lodging and activities that fit your budget.
  • Accessibility: When traveling with multiple generations, accessibility should be top of mind. When choosing a destination, understand each family member’s mobility issues or constraints to plan travel times, transportation and other logistics that work for everyone.
  • Climate: From tropical getaways to moderate coastal regions, choosing a destination with a climate that suits everyone is important. As you begin planning, make sure to communicate with all family members to understand their preferences and get an idea of where they want to travel.
  • Accommodations: Choosing the ideal spring break destination always requires careful consideration of the available accommodations. Multigenerational trips often mean large groups, which means you may need to explore lodging options like villas, suites and rental homes that can comfortably fit your entire group.
  • Safety: It’s important to prioritize destinations known for their safety and the quality and proximity of their healthcare facilities to ensure family members have easy access to care should an emergency arise. 
  • Itinerary: When deciding between destinations for a multigenerational trip during spring break, compare potential itineraries and ensure they allow for flexibility to allow family members of all ages to have activities that pique their interests and are something to look forward to.
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Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Multigenerational Travel

As many know, planning a trip of any size can be stressful, especially for multigenerational trips with multiple opinions and preferences. To ensure a smooth and seamless spring break vacation, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Ignoring the interests and needs of different generations: One of the top mistakes to avoid is ignoring the interests and needs of different generations. Failing to consider the interests and needs of those traveling with you can cause resentment and mood shifts where disinterested family members don’t want to partake in group activities.
  • Overpacking the itinerary: When choosing a destination, deciding what activities to do can be overwhelming, but it’s crucial to ensure you don’t overpack the itinerary. Failing to be flexible and allowing downtime for family members to rest and recharge can cause you to miss activities due to time constraints and lower energy levels of the group.
  • Ignoring dietary restrictions: It’s important to ensure everyone’s dietary restrictions are considered when booking meals to ensure everyone has enough food to fuel them for your trip’s adventures.
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Top Family-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

When searching for family friendly spring break destinations, it’s important to consider the interests and ability levels of everyone joining your adventure. There are various routes you can take when planning a multigenerational spring break vacation, such as:

  • Guided tours: No matter where in the world you’re looking to travel, consider intergenerational travel tours, which provide a stress-free option when it comes to handling logistics like accommodations, travel and itineraries. From guided tours throughout Europe’s most famous cities like Paris and Barcelona to hiking tours throughout the Andes for adventurous families, travel tours can be a great option.
  • National Park adventures: An excellent family-friendly spring break destination is one of America’s many national parks. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Acadia and the Grand Canyon are some of America’s top national parks, with family-friendly activity options like ranger-led tours, easy-to-moderate hikes and great learning opportunities.
  • Beach vacations: For families looking for rest and relaxation, booking a tropical beach vacation can be the reprieve you need. Sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are great for all generations to have fun in the sun while enjoying quality bonding time.
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Tips for Catering Your Itinerary to Diverse Interests

It’s crucial to cater your itinerary to the diverse interests of everyone in your family joining your spring break vacation. Our first tip is to survey everyone’s preferences, including their budget, activity level and transportation preferences. From there, you can continue to create your itinerary with these key elements in mind. 

It’s also important to create a mix of individual and group activities where family members can go on their own adventures to explore their unique interests or rest and recharge while also having opportunities to join the group for family bonding moments.

Lastly, make sure your itinerary includes age-appropriate activities, especially for group activities where everyone is involved. This way, children and adults can have a memorable experience.

Common Travel Logistics to Know

There are a few key common travel logistics to understand before planning multigenerational travel, such as:

  • Transportation: Book flights well in advance to get the best prices. Make sure to arrange ground transportation like taxis, shuttles or public transportation to bring you from the airport to your accommodations.
  • Documentation: Before departure, make sure you have all the necessary documentation to travel, especially when traveling internationally, such as having a valid passport, visa and other travel documents.
  • Accommodations: Similar to transportation, make sure to book accommodations in advance and to keep location, budget and amenities in mind.
  • Timeline and itinerary: It’s crucial to keep your timeline in mind and to ensure there’s plenty of buffer between activities. You want enough time should delays arise and enough time for rest to recharge.
  • Travel apps: There are numerous free and paid travel apps you can download or use online to manage the logistics of your trip. These apps can provide real-time updates to ensure you’re on schedule and coordinated with your entire group.

With these logistics taken care of, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free multigenerational spring break vacation.

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