Most Comfortable, Affordable Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Most Comfortable, Affordable Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Breastfeeding can be an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience for new moms who choose to nurse. After breastfeeding two kiddos, for a combined 5 years (woah!), the biggest obstacle I encountered was figuring out what to wear and how to dress for comfort and ease. I always had to ask myself, would I be comfortable nursing in public wearing this if I couldn’t find a private spot? 

Nursing-friendly items in your wardrobe can positively impact your experience, even though they may seem insignificant. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, your confidence is lifted, which boosts your mood. I’ve put together some must-have nursing-friendly clothing items to make things easier and offer a more comfortable journey.  

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Different color options of nursing tanks

Nursing Tanks 

Nursing tanks are a great addition to any mom’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for something to layer under your favorite shirt or want an all-in-one look, nursing tanks are the way to go. They have discreet openings that allow for easy access when it’s time to nurse. 

They can be paired with a comfortable skirt or shorts in the summer. A nursing tank under a sweater or cardigan is comfy and practical in the cooler months.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your wardrobe, needs, and wishes. Most nursing tanks will include an easy-to-use clasp near the armpit of the shirt; you can simply unhook the corner, offer the breast to your baby, and leave the rest of your torso covered and clothed. 

I wore a nursing tank top instead of a bra for the first few months after each birth. As my breasts were changing, I found the tank tops to be the most comfortable while making nursing most accessible.

Nursing bra

Nursing Bras 

A good nursing bra is essential for breastfeeding moms. Not only are they designed with support and comfort in mind, but some even feature drop-down cups or clasps that allow for easy access when it’s time to nurse. 

Similar to the nursing tanks, nursing bras are available in a variety of desirable colors and sizes, so you won’t be left with something boring. You’ll thank yourself for choosing a bra that offers additional support and sheer ease of access!  

If you can’t find a nursing bra you love, there are stores with alterations departments, like Nordstrom, that will turn a regular bra into a nursing bra. I did that with my favorite bra here!

Woman wear a nursing dress

Nursing-Friendly Dresses 

Dresses are often hard to find when it comes to nursing-friendly clothing items. But don’t worry—great options do exist. Look for dresses with Henley-style necklines or full button-down fronts that allow easy access to your breasts without needing to unbutton or remove the whole dress.  

Also, consider investing in quality wrap dresses that allow you to untie only half of your dress when you need to nurse. Give yourself permission to get creative so that you can look good, feel good, and continue to nourish your little one.  

Avoid dresses that have high necklines. I made that mistake once and ended up having to lift up my whole dress while standing in the bathroom to nurse. You better believe I never made that mistake again.

Nursing friendly hoodie

Nursing-Friendly Tops 

This list of nursing-friendly clothing items wouldn’t be complete without discussing tops, which will likely make up the majority of your breastfeeding wardrobe. Look for tops with crossover necklines or buttons that make it easier to nurse discreetly in public. 

You can also add a nursing cover to give yourself extra privacy. Most nursing tops will feature a panel near the top half that lays over the top of the bottom half so that you can shift the panel’s openings to access your breasts. 

nursing-friendly clothing: Pair of nursing friendly pants

Nursing-Friendly Pants

Nursing-friendly pants are also a must-have. The hours you sit to nurse your little one will far surpass the hours you don’t. Investing in comfortable bottoms that allow you to remain seated for long stretches of time will be critical. 

A common problem breastfeeding mothers face is simply being comfortable with sitting for a long time, using pillows for support, and potentially being latched onto for extended periods. Invest in your comfort and buy good pants. Sweatpants, pants with elastic waistbands, yoga pants, or stretchy denim are all good choices. 

Finding the right clothes to wear while nursing can feel like a daunting task. There aren’t many places to shop in person, so it’s easiest to shop online. Check out this collection I’ve put together of things I loved wearing when nursing our two boys. And remember, you’re feeding another human; your comfort is worth the investment! 

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