One Week Before the Big Move: Checklist

One Week Before the Big Move:  Checklist

One week until moving day.  This is the week to finalize everything.  You will not have time to complete tasks on moving day.  So it is best to finish everything the week before the move.  Inevitably, there will be tasks that pop up last minute.  Therefore, if you have everything taken care of the week before you will have the time and energy to deal with last minute issues and tasks.

Arrange for payment for movers

Check with moving company to determine preferred method of payment.  We prefer to pay with credit card, so there is a paper trail.  With our rewards, we get a percentage cash back with our credit card, which is a nice perk.  We always have cash on us for the move so that we can tip the movers if we are satisfied with their work.  This is the time to make sure we have enough cash on hand.

Confirm your move-out date with current home

Because we rent, I always want to verify with our current complex that we are planning on moving out.  This way I can be sure that a loading zone is appropriately reserved.

Confirm move-in date for your destination

There are two separate confirmations necessary for the destination.  I verify a delivery date range with the moving company.  They cannot promise one specific date for delivery. Therefore, they give a range of days in which they will arrive.  The other confirmation you need is when you can gain access to your new home.  I always contact our new apartment complex to confirm our new place will be ready for us before the range of dates given by moving company.  I prefer to have access to our new home a couple of days before the movers arrive with our belongings.  There are some tasks I complete before the movers come with our items.  I also check that we have a reserved area for the moving truck to unload.

Change locks in your new home and get copies of keys

You never know who has keys to your new home.  Previous tenants may have given their key to a cleaning company or a babysitter.  Changing the locks will give you have complete control over who enters your home.  Also, make sure you get enough copies of the new keys for each person in the house, along with a couple of spares just in case.

Clean the carpets of your new home

One week before having items delivered to our new home, I schedule a deep clean which includes carpet cleaning.  A freshly deep cleaned home makes the move in seem even more special.

Discuss contingency plan for movers running late

We always have a backup plan in case the movers aren’t able to arrive for pick up or delivery when expected.  Options include getting a hotel room or staying with acquaintances.

Back up computers to a hard drive

There is always a chance your computer could be damaged or lost during a move.  Have your files available on another system, just in case.

Place all keys in an envelope to turn in (rental, former workplace)

Keep keys organized and in separate envelopes to make returning them easy.  I also take a picture of what is in each envelope to maintain a record.

Empty office  

Pack up items in a box separate from home boxes.  Label the box as work office so that you can keep it separate at your destination.  Put in your car and take it with you for your first week at your new job.

Empty, clean, defrost fridge

Use up food items or donate them to someone who can use these items.

Donate all unsold items

I think it is essential to find an organization in your town where you can donate things that go directly to those in need.  Avoid organizations that require others to purchase your items.

Put together a moving survival kit

The things in this kit are essential and needed during your trip and immediately when arriving at your new home.  Check out tips for packing the moving survival kit here.

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