10 Tools You Need to Simplify Your Move

10 Tools You Need to Simplify Your Move

From packaging items correctly to preparing the family for a move, there are several ways to make relocating simpler. By using the right products from the start, you can relieve some stress that often comes when moving. I created a list of tried and true products that will make your moving experience smoother. Keep reading to find ten tools you need to simplify your move.

#1. Packaging tape with a good tape dispenser

Easy access to plenty of packaging tape loaded in a reliable dispenser will make your move much more efficient. You will feel unstoppable when you can quickly tape up a box and move on to the next task. I have purchased poorly built tape dispensers before and have spent too much time retaping boxes that have come undone at crucial moments. Having peace of mind that your items are secured safely in a box taped up properly is worth it.

#2. Durable sharpie markers

Labeling boxes is crucial to staying organized during a move. I typically label a box with a number (that correlates with my box list in my moving binder) and a brief list of contents to find things at a moment’s notice.

Having markers that last a long time can save you time from having to hunt for markers at the last minute. I keep a permanent marker in each room to find one at a moment’s notice. But, if you have a toddler, have a safe place to put markers unless you don’t mind a little toddler artwork on your walls or furniture, lol.

#3. Moving Binder

If you know me, I talk about the moving binder ALL THE TIME. The moving binder is so critical. It’s a home base for all moving information: moving contracts and details, box lists, address change info, and so much more. I typically pick out a binder that is brightly colored so I can spot it anywhere and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I even let my little guy decorate it this past year to give it some flare. If you are looking for what to put in your moving binder, check out Move Mama Move Relocation Planners for all the checklists, trackers, and logs you need for moving.

#4. Box labels

I used these for the first time during our last move, and I am only disappointed I didn’t use them sooner. Initially, my husband was skeptical, thinking they were a waste of money. But honestly, these room labels made our move so much easier. Each room is pre-printed on a different color label. I put a label on the top of the box, the front of the box, and the side so the room assignment could be easily seen.

Before the movers arrived at our new house with our belongings, I clearly labeled each room. They could locate which area each box needed to be placed in quickly.

This prevented us from shuffling boxes around as we unpacked and organized our new home. This particular package of labels we used also had a fragile sticker, which was helpful when packing breakable items. Using the room and fragile labels saved a ton of time, not having to write room locations on each box.

#5. Reliable Box cutter

When you start unpacking boxes, you want to be efficient. Opening and breaking down boxes quickly helps make the unpacking process run smoothly. Also, if you have a reliable box cutter, you are less likely to injure yourself, which is always a win in my book.

I usually keep a few box cutters around, just in case one gets misplaced because they are small. But, if you have kiddos around, place them in a safe spot when not in use.

#6. Packaging paper

Packaging paper will help you cushion your belongings inside of a box. If you have breakable items, you definitely need to use packaging paper to protect items from damage.

I recommend using plain packaging paper instead of magazines or newspapers. We have had a couple of items ruined because the print from the newspapers transferred onto some of our glass items. Now we have a couple of drinking glasses with obituaries printed on them — awkward!

#7. Mattress cover

During a move, mattresses are often dragged on the ground due to their awkward sizes, shapes, and flexibility. Anytime you move your bed, you want it to be covered — entirely and reliably. Imagine the dirt and grime your mattress could pick up if you didn’t cover it really well. Yuck! It makes me want to throw up thinking about it.

#8. Picture boxes

Getting pictures framed and mounted is expensive. So, you want to properly pack those precious wall hangings to avoid damage and save money in the long run. Typically you can find picture boxes that are adjustable to the frames you are trying to protect.

I like using picture boxes instead of regular ones because they better protect our wall hangings.

#9. Dolly

Physical Therapist here with an announcement — Please protect your back!! Even if you are hiring people to complete a move for you, there will be a time when the movers are away that you will need to move something bulky or awkwardly shaped.

Please use a dolly to move items from one area to another. Repetitive bending and lifting can lead to serious injuries. One wrong move, and you could injure yourself.

I like this dolly because it is sturdy and can be used upright on two wheels or 4-wheel cart position. I am also a fan because it can easily be folded up and stored away.

#10. Books related to moving for the kiddos

Moving, no matter how far away, can be stressful for the whole family, especially for those little ones who don’t quite understand what is happening with major transitions. When we started packing up our toddler’s room a few weeks before the move, he started freaking out. Even though he couldn’t talk, we knew he was upset and unsure of what was happening because he would empty the boxes we were packing and hoard his favorite toys in the corner.

I realized I needed to take a break from packing his room and help him understand that we were moving to a new home. Books are my favorite teaching tools with Chulengo, so I found as many short story books about moving as possible. Below is a list of my favorites.

Daniel Tiger: Moving to the Neighborhood

Big Ernie’s New Home

Boomer’s Big Day

The Berenstain Bear’s Moving Day

Daniel Meets the New Neighbors

Update in 2023: I have put together an even more complete list with over a dozen books for kiddos related to reading, here!

There you go, ten items that will make your move much more manageable. Moving can be so stressful. Staying organized, packing correctly, and adequately preparing will make relocating much more enjoyable.

You can access my complete list of moving supplies in my Amazon Shop.

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10 Tools You Need to Simplify Your Move

44 thoughts on “10 Tools You Need to Simplify Your Move”

  • Yes, these are all great ideas! We moved last year it is so much work but these items will help for sure!

  • Hi Lisa, I this is a great list of things to help simplify the moving process. We have moved a lot over the years and when my kids were young, I found it very helpful to get them a book about moving (it was a Berenstein Bear book). I also found it helpful to put together an activity basket for them on the day of the move when they were very young. As they grew, they were great helpers through the whole process.

  • Oh wow! #10 could be a godsend to so many parents and children. A move can be a traumatic time for so many kids, but those books could empower them with some semblance of control! Instead of something that is happening TO THEM, books could reframe it as something they have total control of.

    • You are so right, Matt. Even when our son was really little, I could tell he was overwhelmed by the move.

  • These are such good ideas. I am not a huge fan of moving as it is so stressful, but I will definitely be more organized the next time I do. I love the binder idea. I have a binder just to help me stay on top of things because of chemo brain. Along with sticky notes, it is one of my most helpful tools.

  • Great list! So happy you included books for the younger kiddos! Moving is so stressful for our little friends that it is vital we help to explain what is going on to them so that they feel safe!

    • Thanks, Melissa! I didn’t think to use the books until just recently. I’ve discovered that when we read something over and over, my son is much more on board for a major transition.

    • Shannon, please feel free to reach out to me for more tips when that time comes…I would love to help! 🙂

    • Thanks, Suzan. The moving binder is seriously the most important. My husband makes fun of it, but he knows it has been the key to successful moves in the past.

  • What a great list. Moving can be so hard and this list would be handy. The last time we moved wasthe pits, so disorganized.

    • Thanks, Pauline. I am sorry the last time was such a crummy experience…hopefully the next time you will enjoy it a bit more.

  • Packing up a home can be a daunting task, These are some great tips! I never thought about getting a book for the kiddos!

  • This is such a great list. WE had to move 4 times in the space of 3 years (crazy rental/buyers market kept pulling landlords out from under us) and I went crazy! This will be ready for my next move (in about 100 years, I hope!)

    • Thanks, Karla. Bless you, for moving so much in 3 years. I agree that your next move should be in about 100 years, lol! You earned it!

  • Oh Wow! This is a great list. I just moved in January and this would have been a big help. Love the idea of the books about moving for kids!

  • As someone who has moved 12 times in the last 23 years of marriage ~ I concur with this list!!!! The moving binder was critical for me, so that I could keep track of everything and have it all in one place. And you can never have enough packing tape or packing paper!!

  • Great tips Lisa! We’ve moved 4x and these materials came in handy. It really helped simplify our moving process especially when it’s time to unpack them.

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