14 Days Before the Big Move: Checklist

14 Days Before the Big Move:  Checklist

So, we are 14 days away from the moving day.  If you haven’t started to feel a little bit of stress at this point, it’s a miracle.  The two weeks before relocation fly by quickly.  Therefore, it is essential to be on top of all tasks for moving day.  At this point, reviewing the checklists will be the most critical task.  The two-week period is the time to finalize many decisions.  It is difficult to modify most details when closer to the move date.  Follow the list below to set yourself up in the best position for moving day.

Confirm travel arrangements

I always make sure I have correctly finalized all details for traveling to our new home.  It’s crucial that the dates of your departure from your current home coincide with the dates of the moving company?  I also make sure that we have flights, hotels, rental cars reserved as needed.

Continue packing remaining items

Continue to maintain an organized packing system by labeling boxes with room and contents.  Pack away things that you will not need access to for the next couple of weeks.

Collect valuables into one bag/box

We pack items that we want to keep on us during the move in a separate box.  Typically, our valuables box will include jewelry, precious metals, financial information, relevant documents, and the moving binder.

Give children tasks to help out that are age-appropriate

Kiddos who can take direction well appreciate when they are involved in the moving process.  Perhaps they could pack their suitcase for the final trip.  Or maybe they can pack boxes for their bedroom.  By giving children a piece of control in the move, they can transition more smoothly.

Collect clothing from cleaners

Pick up items that have been dry-cleaned and tailored.  It’s easy to forget that you dropped off clothing weeks ago.

Pack suitcases that you will be taking with you on moving day  

I always pack enough clothing and toiletries to cover more than the expected number of days of the move.  Unforeseen circumstances can delay movers during transportation.  Your new home may not be ready for item delivery.

Set up utilities for new home

Many utility companies will allow you to set up start dates a couple of weeks before you move into your home.  This way you can move into a home that is properly lit, with running water.  You don’t want to show up at your new home and have issues with electricity or heating and cooling.

Create an info page for movers

Record important details related to the move that you can share with the moving company.  This information can confirm addresses, contact phone numbers, emergency contacts, expected dates.  Most of this information will also be on your contract, but a properly organized detailed list may be easy for the moving company to reference.

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14 Days Before the Big Move

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