30 Days Before the Big Move: Checklist

30 Days Before the Big Move:  Checklist

Now we are 30 days away from the big move.  Sounds like a lot of time, but moving day will be here before we know it.  The next 30 days will be the busiest days of the move.  Now we can finalize the details — woo!  I tend to feel more comfortable with the moving process at this point.  Typically, I have touched base with our moving company a couple of times.  We have finalized our living arrangement in our new town at this point.  Now we need to smooth over the details.

Review details of the move with the moving company

I always reach out via email to confirm the pack date, load date, addresses, unloading time, and all other moving details. They are like, “Oh, it’s that Lisa girl again.” But I would rather be obnoxious and on top of things than silent and missing details. I also want them to know that I am on top of everything. Therefore, they know I have high expectations for superb service.

Create a moving schedule

After verifying details with the moving company, plan for the actual moving days.  When do you need to be moved out of your current home?  What time do you need to be at the airport to catch your flight in time?  What day are you picking up the rental car?  Regarding the actual tasks during moving day, it is beneficial to have a timed schedule so your day(s) will go as smoothly as possible.  Use the calendar in this Relocation Planner to keep track of specific dates.

Return borrowed items

Take things back to their original owner, i.e.,  library books.  Don’t let items get packed up before you return them.

Get things back that you have loaned out

If I even remember that I lent something to someone, I ask for it back before the move.

Purchase packing materials, if needed 

Start getting boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Check neighborhood groups like Nextdoor and Buy Nothing to find moving supplies on the cheap.

Arrange to disconnect cable, phone & internet

Some companies require 30 days’ notice.  Do it now, before you forget.

Coordinate childcare for moving days

Trying to direct movers while caring for a little one is near impossible.  Hire a sitter, or phone a friend or family member for assistance in watching your little one.  We were able to have our sitter care for Chulengo in our apartment complex’s guest suite.  We loved this option because Chulengo could safely nap but was so close we could pop over and check up on him at any time.

Complete change of address form with the post office  

One important recommendation is:  do not change your address as a family unit.  Do it by individual names. Because only our last name was confirmed, I could not use my change of address confirmation for a new driver’s license.  The DMV required documentation with my first and last name.

Check requirements for new driver’s license and auto registration

What documents are needed to be efficient at the DMV?  Even though we researched everything ahead of time, we had to go to the DMV three separate times to get things finalized because we were always missing something.

Create a “Do Not Move Box”  

As you prepare your house, it is nice to have a place for things you will take with you and not have the movers pack. You can add to this box as you plan and pack. You can find a list of items to put in your “Do Not Move Box” in these Relocation Planners.

Begin packing items not needed over the next month  

Start with things you know you won’t need.  I pack away winter items when we move during the summertime.  If you no longer need to use seasonal kitchen items, put them in a box.  Luckily, if you have planned for a full-service move, you don’t worry about this part.

Label boxes with room and items inside  

You should be able to tell which room of the house each box belongs in and what is inside without having to open it up.  Being this thorough is crucial to unpacking efficiently in your new home.

Create an inventory record as you pack boxes

Have a master list in your binder that you can reference.  What is in box 24?  Where does box number three go?  These questions can be quickly answered with an inventory record.

Arrange a vehicle tune-up if traveling a great distance  

Before any long-distance road trip, we always take the car in to make sure everything is up to par to ensure a safe drive.

Fill prescriptions for current medications

Running out of meds while you are in the midst of a move can be tragic.  Be sure to stock up on any medications you need to take regularly.

Designate a space for packed boxes

Nothing is more frustrating than navigating your home with boxes all over the place.  Find a space in your home where you can put packed boxes so they are out of the way.  Maintaining an organized area for packed boxes will allow you to access them easily but keep them out of your way during day-to-day tasks.

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30 Days Before the Big Move

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