4 Tips to Make Packing For Your Move Easier

4 Tips to Make Packing For Your Move Easier

Does the idea of packing for a move seem overwhelming? Maybe you don’t know where to get started. Or you don’t have much help. Honestly, no matter how prepared someone is or how much help they have, the packing process can always be a somewhat stressful experience, but you can make the process a bit more streamlined with proper planning and execution. Whether this is your first or fifteenth move, continue reading to discover some packing tips for an efficient moving experience.

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Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

When you’re preparing for a move, it’s essential to go through your possessions and declutter any items you no longer want. Take an inventory of your stuff and be a bit ruthless. Then, you can significantly reduce the amount you have to pack, move, and unpack.

To keep yourself organized, make piles of items you’re keeping, items you’re donating, and items you’re throwing away. Before you begin the packing process, be sure to drop off any donations so that you can solely focus on the items you want to take with you to your new home.

I even recommend having three boxes set up as you declutter each room: donate, throw away, and return. And the rest of your stuff should go in its place in your home until you are ready to pack. Find a go-to donation spot to make dropping off items easy. Items that are not salvageable should be tossed that day so they aren’t taking up space at home. The return box is for items that need to go back to friends, family, libraries, or schools that were loaned out to you.

By getting rid of these items, you will make the moving process more simple

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Pack in Advance

Another packing tip for an efficient moving experience is to pack as far in advance as possible. You’ll most likely know about your move far in advance, so you’ll have time to properly plan and prepare.

It’s a good idea to start packing off-season items and any items you don’t need daily. For example, if you’re moving during the summer months, it’s safe to pack your winter coats and accessories in advance. If you have a large library, consider packing most of your books ahead of time. When it’s finally time to move, many items will be ready to go, and you’ll have less to stress about.

I always recommend packing what’s under the bed, at the top of the closet, and in the garage first. As those are things we typically aren’t using right now.

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Get Creative With Packing Materials

The cost of packing materials, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, can quickly add up. One way to save money when moving is to look for opportunities to reuse boxes. Instead of buying a stack of boxes from a home improvement store, ask your local grocery store if you can repurpose their shipping boxes.

If you’re looking for a safe way to pack glassware or other fragile items, head to your neighborhood liquor store and ask for used boxes with cardboard dividers. Since bottles of wine and beer typically ship with protective dividers, you can easily recycle these boxes for your moving needs and save some money.

I also check our local Buy Nothing Group and neighborhood Facebook/Nextdoor groups to see if anyone is getting rid of boxes and other moving materials.

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Use the Right Size Boxes

Now that you’ve procured your moving boxes, it’s time to pack them as efficiently as possible. Generally, you want to pack heavy items, such as books or toys, in small boxes. Light items, such as linens or pillows, are best for bigger boxes. Your first instinct may be to pack heavy items in a big box. But this configuration is difficult to handle and increases the chances of your items breaking.

To make your move easier, you’ll want to pack your boxes strategically by placing bulky items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Plus, if you’re responsible for loading the moving truck, don’t forget to put in your heaviest boxes first. You’ll keep the truck evenly balanced by putting heavy items toward the front of the trailer.

These packing tips and tricks will help make your moving experience as seamless as possible. If you plan accordingly and use efficient organization methods, you’ll be able to start enjoying your new home right away.  

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