5 Signs You Found the Right Moving Company

5 Signs You Found the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company is tough. You want a moving company that is responsive, responsible, and thorough. Below are five “green flags” to look for when trying to find the right moving company.

In Home Assessment from Moving Company

The moving company agrees to an in-home assessment, either in person or via video chat

If a company is going to give you an estimate, you want to make sure that the quote is as accurate as possible.

A representative from the moving company should take a look at all of your belongings, rather than a list you compiled online. Even a video chat review option is more ideal compared to a blind online estimate.

Some moving companies will ask you to send them a list of all of your belongings. Have you ever made a list of everything you own? What if you accidentally forget to include a room, a cabinet, or a closet. Your omission could easily add a couple more hours on to your move, costing you hundreds of dollars.

By having someone come into your home for a visual estimate, they can take into account how far items need to be carried, what type of moving supplies you may need, and how much time is required to disassemble furniture. Knowing this information ahead of time, and building it into your moving quote, will save you time and money.

Detailed Itinerary

The moving company sends you a detailed contract, including rate, fees, cancelation policies, and point of contact

After completing a proper evaluation of your belongings, the moving company should send you a very thorough estimate.

The quote should be detailed and include:

  • How many movers are assisting with the move
  • The hourly rate or flat rate
  • The predicted time for the move from start to finish, including furniture wrapping and disassembly/reassembly
  • What products are included in the move, like packaging tape, plastic wrap, moving blankets, and wardrobe boxes
  • Whether double drive time is applicable
  • A list of belongings NOT being moved, if any
  • A reference number for your quote
  • Contact information to confirm the quote, modify details, or ask questions
  • Type of insurance coverage, in case of items getting damaged or lost. As well as options for additional coverage.

Easy to Contact Moving Company

The moving company can be reached easily through phone or email and responds to you in a reasonable amount of time

You should be assigned a point person as soon the moving company responds to your initial inquiry for moving. That point person should be available to you via phone and email. Your questions, comments, and concerns should be addressed within a couple of business days.

If you do not hear from a moving company within 1-2 days business days, move onto a different company. Moving can be stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is failed attempts to contact the company when you need them the most.

Moving Company Packing Supplies

The moving company offers to include tape, blankets, wardrobe boxes, and packing paper at no extra cost.

When the movers load up items that are difficult to pack, like your bed, couch, and dining furniture they will wrap them to protect them from damage, typically using, moving blankets, plastic wrap, and packaging tape. These products should be included in the cost of your moving quote.

Estimating ahead of time, the proper amount of moving blankets, plastic wrap, and packaging tape you will use is not realistic The costs for these items, if any, should be calculated during the estimate. Do not agree to have these costs calculated by usage on moving day, which can lead to unexpected costs. Sometimes, you will need to request that these items be included in the estimate at no extra cost.

Keep in mind, if you are having the movers provide and pack boxes for moving, then you may have to pay for those items specifically. And when I say boxes, I mean they are taking items in your home and putting them in a box. For example, if you are having the moving company pack up your kitchen items from the cabinet, you may be charged for moving supplies to pack those boxes.

For most of our previous moves, I packed our own boxes to keep costs low. I like the idea of knowing what is going in every single box and keeping a detailed list of inventory. This helps me decide which boxes to unpack first at the new home. Even though, I packed our boxes, the moving companies still offered moving blankets, plastic wrap, packaging tape, and wardrobe boxes at no extra cost.

Moving Co Employees

The moving company employs its own movers and does not use third party movers

You want to choose a moving company that takes pride in their work and assumes responsibility for their employees. When a moving company employees their own workers, there is a sense of loyalty and pride in the work being done. When a moving company hires out to a third party company, that laborer is just filling a spot. The third party mover does not necessarily take part in building a positive reputation for the company.

So, when you are interviewing a moving company, ask them who they employ for the move, their own workers or a third party laborer?

Remember, there are plenty of red flags to look for when finding the right moving company, but there are the five green flags, listed above that can confirm you have found a great moving company. Best of luck to you, on your search for the right moving company for you.

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Moving Company Tips

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