7 Tips to Maintain & Care for Artificial Grass

7 Tips to Maintain & Care for Artificial Grass

Guest Post: Steve Rice

Synthetic grass looks awesome when it is cleaned and maintained properly. The best thing about having artificial grass is that it requires low maintenance. Meaning you just have to clean, brush and rinse it regularly.

If you’v moved to a new home with artificial grass or have recently installed artificial grass on your lawn, you must look for ways to take care of fake grass. This post talks about the top seven professional tips you can count on to maintain the perkiness of the grass.

Clean all the debris and dirt

Cleaning synthetic grass daily is a must to enhance its life. There are different types of debris and stains, so the grass should be cleaned accordingly. For example, you can use a brush or soft rake to clean off the debris, fallen leaves, and twigs. It is vital to make sure not to put excess forces on the rake as it may cause damage to the grass. Also, you can use a damp cloth to remove liquid stains on the turf. Use mild detergent to remove stubborn stains but make sure not to rub the grass. Just remember to clean and wash the artificial grass with little care.

person rolling out turf onto of rubber pieces

Prevent weed growth

Using high-quality artificial grass minimizes the chance of weeds growing through it. This type of grass is weed-resistance; however, there is no guarantee that you will never see any weed popping through it. That said, there can be minute instances when airborne seeds settle in the grass, which welcomes weeds to house in.

You need not fret, as removing weeds from the fake grass is very easy. Just fill a bottle with white vinegar and spray it on all the weeds. This solution will kill them naturally as vinegar is non-toxic and also, it is safe for pets as well as kids.

package of chewing gum

No chewing gum and no use of adhesives 

Keep adhesive or oils and sticky substances such as chewing gum away from your synthetic grass. These substances can cause permanent damage because they are difficult to remove. But if chewing gum is on the grass, you should cautiously remove it using a sharp knife. On the other hand, if there is any oil-based substance, it can be cleaned with white spirit, a commonly used paint solvent. Though there are solutions to such problems, it is always to keep these substances far away from the turf.

red car parked on grass

Avoid parking heavy vehicles on artificial grass

To maintain the look of your synthetic lawn, you mustn’t drive or park your car on it. The car tires will pull the fibers from latex backing and damage it. Also, the blades of the grass will become flat. Moreover, the car may drip oil, leaving a stain on the fake grass, which will completely ruin the appearance of the artificial lawn. The point is that this type of grass cannot withstand stubborn stains and heavy vehicle weight. That is why it is always better to avoid parking cars on the fake grass.

dog sniffing grass near a gate

Remove pet waste

Artificial grass is a great option for pet owners because it cannot be destroyed. Furthermore, pets love running up and down on synthetic grass like natural grass. Now, removing the pet’s waste is not at all a daunting task. Cleaning a pet’s poop is as follows: first, let the waste dry because it is easy to pick up the dried solid waste. After that, use soapy water and spray it on the area. Then use a hose and rinse the area with water. You do not need to use any strong chemicals to wash the pet waste. With the help of detergent, you can easily clean the area. Also, there will be no stains and odor when you wash away the waste.

wooden and white linen outdoor chair on grass with ocean in background

Do not use sharp objects

Avoid placing sharp objects on the grass because their poking edges can cut the plastic fibers. Usually, furnishings such as garden tables and chairs have sharp edges. Apart from these, sports equipment can also create a hole in your fake grass. It does not mean you should not place furniture on the synthetic lawn. The only thing you have to make sure of is to use quality furniture. Pick good quality outdoor garden table chairs that have curved feet. If you have sharp-edged furniture, you can use covers on the bottom of its feet to prevent tearing or breakage on the artificial lawn.

grill on grass with blue background

Don’t use grills and hot items

Cooking appliances like barbecues, fire pits, etc., can melt the fake grass when exposed to high temperatures. Just imagine what potential threat it can impose if the briquettes land over the grass. Also, if it’s a windy day and hot ashes blowing around and land on the grass, you could imagine the danger that will pop in at the moment. So keep such appliances in a separate area that is not near to the artificial lawn. You can use them on a patio or a concrete area.

Make sure you keep cigarettes away from the grass because they can also melt the blades and damage grass in no time.

Bonus tip: Check your grass weekly; if there is any visible debris, pick it up and clean it up without thinking twice. Make sure you employ top-quality equipment like a hose, plastic or non-metal flexible rake, and mild detergent. Use a lawn vacuum to remove dead leaves.

Now, you’ve learned that taking care of and maintaining artificial grass is simple. You need to cleanse, brush and rinse it from time to time. Doing this will significantly enhance the longevity of the artificial grass and retain its perkiness. Ultimately, you will witness clean greenery right on your lawn for years.

Guest Bio: This article is contributed by Steve. With over 20 years of landscaping experience and expertise, Steve and his top-notch team have completed thousands of artificial grass and green installations that come with the added bonus of saving money and water. 

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