A Simple Guide to Seasonal Home Maintenance

A Simple Guide to Seasonal Home Maintenance

Homeownership has been a big wake-up call for our family. After renting for decades, we realize how lucky we were to have great landlords in the past. We never had to worry about vent cleaning, gutters, changing an hvac filter, or other seasonal home maintenance tasks that never seemed so obvious. We quickly learned that if we didn’t keep an eye on all the “little things,” they would soon turn into big issues.

When you own a home, the key to keeping it clean and ensuring the appliances are always in good condition is to perform seasonal home maintenance. And you guys know, I love a good checklist. By organizing your maintenance tasks to align with each season, you can tackle them regularly, avoiding the overwhelming prospect of handling everything all at once. Seasonal maintenance involves everything from checking your HVAC system to raking the lawn. The following checklist consists of cleaning, repairs, inspections, and other tasks you should be able to perform independently. If you’re a DIYer like our family, consider calling a professional if anything is beyond your skill level.

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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Once your yard begins to thaw and leaves start to grow, it’s evident that spring has arrived. Many homeowners get some spring cleaning done when the weather becomes more comfortable. However, spring cleaning isn’t the only type of seasonal home maintenance you should perform. There are also numerous general upkeep suggestions you should adhere to.

Remember that there are more tasks to perform during the spring season. Make sure you start following this checklist early on. Delaying until late spring could result in insufficient time to complete all the tasks. Fortunately, starting early will provide ample time to adequately prepare your home for spring.

Spring To Do:

  • Refinish your deck or porch
  • Clean your door and window screens
  • Power wash your siding and windows
  • Remove and replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Look at the chimney to see if there’s any damage that requires repairing
  • Inspect shower, bath, and sink caulking for any deterioration
  • Remove lint from your dryer vent
  • Dust your lighting fixtures
  • Clean shower heads and faucets to get rid of mineral deposits
  • Change your HVAC filter
  • Call a professional to inspect your septic tank
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts
  • Remove insulation from your outdoor faucets
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • Prune shrubs and trees
  • Drain your water heater
  • Replace any weather stripping around your doors and windows
  • Obtain maintenance and repair services for your HVAC system
  • Check your roof for any signs of damage to the shingles or other components
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Summer Maintenance Checklist

While the long and warm summer is a great time for seasonal home maintenance, relaxing, taking vacations, and having fun is preferable during the warmer months, which is why this checklist is comparatively short. Most of these are indoor tasks, offering a respite from the scorching summer heat. Finishing this checklist before the initial summer heatwave arrives, usually in May or June, will allow you to fully enjoy your home throughout the summer.

Summer to do:

  • Seal the tile grout in your bathroom
  • Inspect your dishwasher for any cracks or leaks
  • Look around your bathroom and kitchen cabinets to make sure they don’t need repairs
  • Check your toilets for leaks
  • Get rid of any lint in your dryer vent
  • Clean the filter in your kitchen exhaust fan
  • Place oil on your door hinges, door chain and opener, and garage door
  • Replace the showerhead and faucet washers if necessary
  • Clean the coils in your refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean drip trays in the refrigerator
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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Once you notice that the leaves are changing color, this is a clear sign that you should get started on your fall maintenance checklist, which is another lengthy one. Because of the cool temperatures and relatively calm weather, fall is ideal for seasonal maintenance. In fact, it’s a good idea to winterize your home and ensure you’ve prepared everything for the upcoming winter months.

Ideally, you should complete winterization well before December so you’re prepared and don’t get hit by unexpected cold snaps. While you should be able to handle most of the following tasks independently, don’t hesitate to ask for professional assistance. Below is a lengthy fall maintenance checklist that you should do your best to complete. 

Fall to Do:

  • Inspect your roofing for leaks or damaged shingles
  • Replace older windows in your home with energy-efficient windows
  • Power-wash the siding and windows
  • Remove any debris that’s present in your gutters and downspouts
  • Add a coat of paint to your home’s exterior trim and siding
  • Fix gaps or cracks that are present on your driveway
  • Rake leaves, which may be necessary multiple times during this season
  • Prepare for the winter by having your HVAC system inspected by a reliable professional
  • Seal any cracks in your doors or windows with weatherstripping
  • Inspect your fireplace for hazards or damage
  • Winterize your exterior plumbing, which includes any in-ground sprinkler systems
  • Replace or repair siding
  • Schedule maintenance and repairs for your home appliances
  • Clean your carpets
  • Make sure you have a smoke detector on every floor, and check the batteries
  • Inspect your water heater for leaks
  • Get rid of any lint in your dryer vent
  • Place insulation along your outdoor pipes and faucets
  • Trim shrubs, replace rotten woodwork, and store firewood correctly to prevent pests from getting into your home
  • Repair faulty locks or noisy handles along your exterior doors
  • Clean the door and window screens
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Winter Maintenance Checklist

As the outdoor temperatures have dropped to freezing or below, it’s a perfect time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. However, now that winter has arrived, it’s also an excellent time to remember some essential maintenance advice. These pointers can assist you in preventing frozen pipes and significant roof issues, ultimately saving you money and future headaches.

Winter to do:

  • Consider placing mouse traps around your home
  • Buy a considerable amount of ice melt and sidewalk salt
  • Clean sink, dishwasher, and shower drains
  • Inspect your roof and gutter system for notable damage after any storm that comes through
  • Keep your HVAC unit covered
  • Inspect your basement for leaks after snow or ice melts
  • Change the air filters on your heating system

Add these tasks to your home maintenance checklist. With this checklist, you’ll have everything you need to keep your home in excellent condition all year round. It’s much easier to catch issues early on, so they don’t turn into big, expensive projects in the future.

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