How to Pack Up a Playroom For an Upcoming Move

How to Pack Up a Playroom For an Upcoming Move

Moving can be stressful for anyone. With all the planning, packing, and prioritizing which items go where at your new home, the process is no picnic. This task becomes even harder when you are moving with kids. Younger children often have toys they love to play with, and packing them too early, or their precious favorites, can become a problem when your child wants them during the move. That’s why knowing how to pack toys when you are moving with children is an essential step in the preparation process. In this article, I’ll discuss how you can create fool-proof strategies to sort and pack your children’s playrooms for when you move. 

Why Packing Properly is Important for a Smooth Transition for Kids

Moving with kids is a juggle, so planning a smooth transition for your children and the rest of the family is crucial. A good first step is open and honest communication about the move and what to expect. I suggest sticking to your daily routine as much as possible to give your little ones a sense of security. 

Learning how to pack properly is more than just stuffing things in boxes. Include your children in the packing process by letting them decide what to pack first in their rooms and what toys they want to keep out to play with. This gives them a level of control during a stressful situation.

It’s also important when moving with children to involve them when you pack their belongings. This can teach them how to pack belongings properly when moving while also keeping them busy.

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How To Pack and Sort a Kid’s Playroom

When packing your kid’s playroom or play area, it is essential to have a strategy. Below, you will find seven steps you can take to help you pack and sort a kid’s playroom. 

Create a Checklist

Before you begin packing, make a checklist. This is an easy way to create routines and organization when moving with children. For example, you can start by listing what toys/belongings you need and what items you want to donate to ensure organized packing. 

You should also involve your children when making the checklist and packing, as it teaches them organizational skills and helps them better understand the moving process. A checklist can also help your family pack more efficiently (e.g., keeping seasonal clothing together) and prevent last-minute work when things are forgotten.

When creating the checklist, it is important that you still plan around your daily tasks as a way to help manage the move. Establishing routines amidst the chaos of moving can help provide a sense of comfort and normalcy during this stressful time.

Choose the Right Packing Material

Choosing the right packing materials is key. Using foam and bubble wrap is an excellent choice for packing material for delicate items like your children’s favorite lamp or figurine. You can also use recycled paper and other reusable materials as packing material to help avoid creating excess waste.

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Donate Unwanted Items/Toys

When packing to move, the opportunity to donate old or unwanted toys is right in front of you. Going through all the kids’ toys with your children before packing can help declutter the playroom, and it also means less stuff to move. 

It’s a good idea to involve your children in this process so they can make decisions and understand the donation process. This can also help empower your children with a sense of responsibility for their belongings while teaching them how charity can help others.

Sort Toys and Pack by Priority

While moving, sorting toys into specific boxes can help you organize and unpack items later. You also don’t want to put all the heavy toys in one box so no one can lift it. If you’ve ever picked up a box of books, you’ll know how difficult it can be! 

Instead, pack a mix of toys in boxes so they’re not overly heavy. Also, while children may say they don’t mind their toys being packed away for a big move, we all know their minds can soon change. To avoid the fight, prioritize your child’s favorite toys for easy access. 

Leave Out a “Care Package of Toys”

Having a “care package of toys” or “moving bag” with their favorite items and toys is a must for children as they can easily access their toys and other belongings during the move. You can also use these “care package bags” to store snacks and any medication they may need during the move, making it easy for them to reach them.

Label Toy Boxes

Labeling boxes is standard to help you unpack your belongings upon arrival. The same goes for your kids’ stuff. Therefore, they can easily find their toys to keep them entertained during unpacking. If your child can’t read yet, there are ways to help communicate which boxes have what toys are in which box. Use labels or stickers with images of what kind of toys are on the box. 

a number of stacks of boxes some open with toys, picture fames and lamps in front of a blue wall

Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

One of the last—and still important—moving steps is helping your family leave with a positive mindset. You can do this by saying goodbye (not forever!) to neighbors and any friends your children have on the street and, of course, taking many pictures of your old home.

During this time, encourage your kids to express their feelings, letting them know that they are normal and that you are there with them.


Moving with kids can be stressful, but with the right approach, you can make the process a smoother experience for the entire family. Prepare yours for the next adventure by using some of our packing tips and tricks.

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