Moving Day Checklist: The Final Tasks to Keep It Easy

Moving Day Checklist: The Final Tasks to Keep It Easy

Moving day is here. Here’s a moving day checklist to review to ensure you get it all done on this big day. And an important reminder for you:

Even if you have checked everything off of your to-do list, there will always be something that will pop up that you weren’t expecting. Things will happen that you will not have planned for, and you will have to deal with issues on moving day, no matter what. During our last move, the truck was too large to fit into our loading dock, so the driver had to park the truck on the street. The driver was very stressed and concerned, worried about receiving a fine. Thankfully, we lived in a city where this was not a significant issue, and the truck was parked comfortably on the street.

bed with pillows

Strip the beds

Take sheets off all of the beds. Prepare them to be packed up and loaded on to moving truck. I like to use them for extra padding in last-minute boxes that need extra cushion.

vegetables pouring out of grocery bag onto counter

Get rid of perishable food

If you are traveling a short distance to your new home, pack it up in a cooler and take it with you. If you can’t take it with you, please find a food pantry or shelter to donate leftover food items for less fortunate people. One time we offered some food and alcohol to the movers, and they were happy to take it off our hands. Toss any perishable food that you aren’t able to give away.

frozen breastmilk in a cooler

Pack up frozen breastmilk

If you have breastmilk in storage and are moving locally, you can store milk in any adequately sized cooler. But, if you travel a long distance by car or flying, use these tips to pack up frozen breastmilk properly.

bags being loaded into trunk

Pack away the bags you are taking with you on the trip

Put any suitcases, bags, and coolers you will take with you, and not put them on a moving truck, in a safe place, so they don’t get packed up. Your trunk or closet are great spaces to put them. If you put them in a closet, tape a piece of paper to the door and write “DO NOT MOVE CONTENT OF CLOSET” to avoid confusion.

cords in a bin

Return cable, phone, internet supplies

Get these items out of the house before the movers come so they don’t accidentally get packed up. One time we packed up a cable box and moved across the country, forgetting that we had to return it. We were charged a crazy fee for not returning it. So now, as soon as we wake up on a moving day and borrow utility cords or equipment gets put in bags and placed in our car right away.

a person emptying trash

Empty all trash containers

Moving companies will pack and load everything. If you have items in a trash bucket, they will likely get packed. Save yourself the stress of unpacking literal garbage and take the trash out now.

an empty hallway in a house

Clear walkways for movers

Pick up floor mats and rugs and keep them out of the way. Move items away from the doorway to make a clear path. The clear paths will help things get moved out of the house, saving you time and money you may save.

two people moving furniture

Take care of your laborers

The people packing, loading, and driving your items to your new destination are working hard. Since they are taking care of your belongings, take care of them. Please provide them with water and snacks throughout the day. Let them know which restroom they can use. Buy them lunch as a thank you for all of their hard work.

two people exchanging cash

Tip your laborers

We typically tip the driver, and they disperse the money to his workers. Sometimes we’ve made sure each laborer gets their cash cut as a tip. Depends on the dynamics of the group. Check out how much to tip here.

moving day checklist timeline

Confirm details with the driver

Make sure that your destination address is correct on the driver’s paperwork. Verify the delivery date range and exchange contact information with the driver. When we moved across the country, we received regular text updates from our driver, which gave us peace of mind. The photo above is a sample of what is inside the Move Mama Move Relocation Planner— an included Moving Day Timeline for both you and the movers.

empty room

Finish cleaning after movers load your items

You may opt to have a cleaning company finish the job after the movers have loaded your belongings. If you choose to do the cleaning on your own, wipe down surfaces, sweep the floors, and empty the garbage. Turn off all of the lights before you leave.

The day is finally here. Take a deep breath and roll with the punches. Keep open lines of communication with anyone helping you move, plan for things to get off track, and remember you will be in your new home soon.

The above list is an abbreviated version of the Move Mama Move Moving Checklists. If you want full access to Move Mama Move’s 90-day, 60-day, 30-day, 14-day, and 7-day checklists, check out the Relocation Planners. With inventory trackers, tasks to prepare your new home, moving day planning sheets, budget trackers, and more, Move Mama Move Relocation Planners were created to help make your move more simple.

Moving Day Checklist

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