Small Business Spotlight: Your Pocket Architect

Small Business Spotlight: Your Pocket Architect

The world needs more small businesses. Those small businesses need more support. The support has to come from people like you and me. So, I wanted to take the time to shine the spotlight on an exceptional small business. I recently connected with Jenn Smith, who has created an incredible product called Your Pocket Architect. If you’re thinking about building a home or are already in the process of doing so, keep reading to find out how you can make the process more smooth.


Jenn Smith is a practicing architect with 20 years of experience, primarily focusing on residential projects. For the first 10 years of her career, she focused on office, retail, and educational projects. But after having kids, she joined her husband in his design/build business.

She was involved in every facet of the design and building process, from conception to completion, which provided her a unique understanding of how important it is for industry professionals to work collectively as a team to create successful projects. Jenn also provided house plans and finish selections (tile, paint, light fixtures, etc.) for many of the builders in town. That was eye-opening to see just how different every project can be. She learned that some builders are extremely meticulous, and others would cut corners to save a dime any chance they could.

In 2019, Jenn started her own business. It was then that she really started thinking about creating an ebook, Your Pocket Architect, and, hopefully soon, a course to assist more people with their dream home journey.

woman sitting at a table in a kitchen being remodeled


Jenn created Your Pocket Architect ebook to support anyone dreaming of building a custom home. Especially if they aren’t sure where to begin, want to understand what’s involved before getting started, worry about budget & costs, or just need clarity and order before making big decisions.

Jenn said, “It’s never too early to start planning for your dream home. Get started now, even if it’s just collecting ideas because it always takes longer than you think it will.” She also offers a free guide, “How to Easily Create a Vision Board for Your Dream Home because compiling images, floor plans, and house styles you like make the entire process move faster when you’re finally able to commit.

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You can get Your Pocket Architect ebook here! And you will receive it in your email immediately after your purchase. 

If you want a bit more guidance and want to work with Jenn directly, and you live in Tennessee, she can help you with other residential architectural services, including:

  1. Consultation/Pre-Design Questionnaire: where Jenn ensures the home works on the property and the design accommodates all of your immediate and future needs
  2. Schematic Design: Jenn will provide drawings showing the proposed layout, relationships between rooms, and the form and shape of the home with window and door locations.
  3. Building Set: Jenn will expand on the schematic set by adding dimensions, room labels, door/window sizes, roof slopes, lighting layout, foundation plan, and exterior elevations.
  4. Construction Assistance: Jenn will work with the builder, vendors, and client to track material and finish selections and provide additional drawings and/or site visits during construction.
three pages of inside your pocket architect


No matter where you are in the process of building your custom home, Your Pocket Architect can be your perfect guide. Maybe you are only thinking about building a custom home, or perhaps you have purchased land and started to get the process rolling. Let The Pocket Guide be your companion to help you save money and time while also building your confidence in your decisions.

view from front door, stairs on the right, kitchen in the back


Jenn created Your Pocket Architect because all of her clients over the past 10 years, had one thing in common, they were all nervous and overwhelmed because so much was going on. They had to make so many decisions, based off of endless choices. From not breaking the bank to staying sane and enjoying life while navigating the entire process.

Jenn wanted to provide an encouraging and easy-to-follow resource for creating a custom-built home. Something to keep them organized and on track, knowing what’s expected of them and what they can expect from all those involved. It takes a team, and the most important team member is the client. One of the first sections of the ebook is about selecting a team with sample questions to ask each potential member so those selected are qualified and capable.

Jenn also wants people to have an honest take on the whole process. One customer who purchased the ebook let Jenn know she was so happy she bought it because it helped her realize she didn’t want to build a custom home. She thought building a house would be a relatively quick process because she had seen houses go up in a matter of months and thought that was standard. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for custom homes, and sadly TV + the internet aren’t much better at providing reliable information. Jenn’s ebook is an all-in-one source for every aspect of a custom-build project… getting started, planning, designing, and building.

white two story house with a small porch

Exclusive opportunity

If you have dabbled with the idea of building a custom home, if you have dreamed of creating a custom home but have felt overwhelmed by getting started, let The Pocket Architect be your guide. Jenn has also included two bonuses with each purchase:

  1. exclusive access to her unique Facebook group where Jenn can help you through the guide
  2. Preliminary project checklists so there aren’t any surprises along the way

Check out Your Pocket Architect here!

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