The Easiest Way to Decorate Your Home

The Easiest Way to Decorate Your Home

Do you have a space in your home that just isn’t working for you, but you don’t know what to do with it? Maybe you just moved into your new house and you can’t quite figure out how to make your current furniture work, but you aren’t sure what to add or take away. Have you ever looked around your home and felt like it could use a change? Looking for a way to decorate your home that’s easy?

After moving into our new home, we weren’t sure how to design and decorate our living room. The living room was bigger and more awkwardly shaped than any space we lived in before. No joke, for nine months, we had a couch, a rug, a lamp, and a small cabinet because we weren’t sure what to do with our space.

Toys started to take over the room and the clutter was really hard to maintain. Each time I walked into the living room, I felt unsettled. I was overwhelmed by the toys taking over our space and disappointed that our home felt cold and unwelcoming.

The room was so empty that our voices would echo off of the walls. One day, while I was out running errands, I called my husband and he sounded like he was in a parking garage as his voice echoed through the phone. After telling me he was in our living room, I knew it was time to make our living room feel more like home – more cozy, more warm, more organized, more functional.

We wanted to make the most of our living room but we weren’t sure what to add or change. We needed our living space to be cohesive with our current furniture and functional, especially with kids, as well as affordable.

Thankfully, Spacejoy came to the rescue. A unique, affordable and personalized solution, Spacejoy, helped us decorate our home with ease. Spacejoy provided me a complimentary trial of their design platform, but all opinions and thoughts in this article are my own.

What is Spacejoy?

Spacejoy is an online interior design platform that takes decorating to the next level. What makes Spacejoy unique? You are paired with an actual designer, who creates a 3D design to help you visualize recommendations in your actual space. And then you are provided with a personalized shopping list.

No matter where you are in the design process, Spacejoy can help. With packages starting as low as $49, or as high as $150, you can choose which level of assistance you would like from a personal designer. Perhaps you just need a little bit of guidance to finish decorating your space. Maybe you need a designer to step in and take over the entire design project. Or, you might be somewhere in between.

We used Spacejoy recently to design and decorate our living room. To say I am excited about our results is an understatement. I am now proud of our home and smile each time I walk into the living room. I am relieved by the level of organization and the cohesiveness of the decor that makes our house feel like a home. Keep reading to find out why Spacejoy was perfect for us?

The Assessment Process was so Simple

The thought of someone coming over to our house to do a design assessment, while we were adjusting to life with the new baby and toddler sounded awful. A one to two-hour assessment could have easily turned into a whole day event as we juggled nursing sessions and diaper changes while trying to keep a toddler quietly entertained.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about making an appointment for an in-home assessment. I was able to complete all communication with our interior designer via phone, email, or messaging through the Spacejoy app.

After filling out a detailed questionnaire, submitting photos and floor plans of our current space, sharing inspirational ideas from Pinterest with our assigned professional designer, and chatting with our designer on the phone, I received two 3D designs of our actual living room within a week. Both of these designs were exactly what we were looking for: budget-friendly, cohesive with our current furniture and style, and extremely functional.

Example of the Spacejoy assessment process

The Package Options Fit Our Needs

Spacejoy offers three different levels of assistance based on client needs, with the basic package starting at $49 and the highest level package being $200. My husband and I love the decorating process. but during this season of life, we needed all the help we could get, so I chose the highest level package. But, I can see myself using a lower-level package in the future for a little assistance here and there as we continue to decorate our home.

The Design Concept Was So Real

Our designer took the eight pictures I sent in, along with our floor plans, and created a perfectly decorated space that was an exact replica of our living room.

The 360-degree, 3D design really blew me away. Maybe it was the postpartum hormones, but I actually teared up when I saw the design concepts. For the first time since moving in, I could envision our house feeling like a home. I was so giddy, I spent the next few days logging in over and over to take a peek at the 3D designs.

I did not expect the design to be so realistic. This made it very easy for us to visualize different pieces of furniture and decor in our home prior to purchasing, which is a real win for my control-freak personality that I try to keep tucked away.

Design of our living room provided by Spacejoy

I Could Make Changes as Needed

I said earlier that my husband and I enjoy decorating, but we also have very different styles that require a bit of compromise. You can imagine, once we received our 3D designs based off of MY Pinterest inspirations, there were things that need to be changed for us to agree on decor ideas.

Our designer was able to make changes based on our requests. Some items didn’t quite fit the space as we wanted. Other items were styled differently than we preferred. And sometimes what we thought we would like, we didn’t like at all.

Because we chose the higher level package, we were allowed unlimited revisions which made me feel comfortable making changes.

Design & Revision provided by Spacejoy, after we requested a more sleek looking basket.

The Personalized Shopping List Saved Me Time

With my type-A personality, I could spend hours upon hours looking online and in stores for the perfect pieces. Thankfully, I got to skip that grueling process with the shopping list provided by our designer. I wasn’t dragging my two children to store after store, wasting hours (I mean days), trying to find the right pieces.

Each detail in the design, from the large cabinet to the small vases was added to a personalized shopping list. From that list, I could shop with the click of a button and have items delivered to our home right away.

Before & After Photos

Check out the photos of our before, during, and after below. The design process gave us a push in the right direction. While we haven’t completely finalized the living room, we are on our way.

(Photo of entryway)

Spacejoy has been the perfect platform for us to begin to transform our house into a home. I can’t wait to finalize the living room and move on to other spaces in our home, but for now, when I walk into our living room I feel joy, not stress. I feel pride, not disappointment. I feel at home.

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