What Type of Move Are you Planning For?

What Type of Move Are you Planning For?

It is essential to know what type of move you are planning.  When you start to planning logistics out, you will frequently have to categorize your move based on distance.  When I speak to a moving company the first question they ask me, is what type of move am I planning?  Some companies only assist with local moves, while other companies specialize in long-distance relocation.

While I love to support local companies, it is doubtful that we will be able to use a local company if we are moving across the country.  They would have to pair up with another local company at your destination.  If not, a small, local company would likely have to charge you mileage from origin to destination and then back to origin again.  A regional or national company would probably charge mileage from origin to destination only because they would have another branch of their company in your new city.

Local Move

A move where the origin and destination are within the same metropolitan area.  The move requires less than 2 hours of travel time.  Usually, multiple trips can be quickly made to move items.  Typically, this type of move is the most basic and least expensive compared to other kinds of moves because there is less distance to travel.  To complete a self-move, you could efficiently pack your vehicle or rent a moving truck.  Depending on the size of the moving truck, you could complete the move in one trip or multiple trips.  The shorter distance may not limit the number of trips required to move belongings.  The quickest way to execute the move would be to hire full-service movers.  You could be packed and moved into the new house within one to two days.  A local moving company may be your best option.

Intrastate Move

A move that is within the same state but is a longer distance than a local move.  Travel time may be as short as three hours or as long as an entire day.  To complete a self-move you may need to rent a larger moving vehicle and complete the move over a couple of days.  Compared to a local move, more travel time is required.  You could hire a local or regional moving company to complete the move for you and be all set in your new home within a couple of days.

Interstate Move

A move from one state to another that could be a move as a close as a neighboring state or as far as the other side of the country.  This type of move requires more time to plan and complete.  If you rent a moving truck to complete the move yourself, you would need to loan from a company that allows one-way rentals.  You will also need to ship your car(s) or have an acquaintance drive your vehicle(s).  When hiring movers, I have found that working with a national moving company is easier because local moving companies typically cost much more if they do not have another branch in your destination city.

International Move

A type of move that crosses international lines.  I haven’t completed an international move, so I cannot offer advice from experience.  If I were to move somewhere internationally, I would work with a moving company that specializes in international relocation.  These moves can take weeks or months, depending on the logistics.

What Type of Move Are You Planning For?


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