Review: Bumkins Splat Mat & Sleeved Bib

Review:  Bumkins Splat Mat & Sleeved Bib

We’ve been using both the mat & the bib since Chulengo started eating table food.  I have grouped them together because they are from the same company and easily bought together.  The pros and cons of each one are very similar.


  • Variety of fun designs
  • Covers Chulengo from neck to hands.  Has more coverage than most bibs
  • Clean up is easy.  Both can be put in the washing machine
  • Air-dry quickly
  • Easy to fold and pack. Both take up very little space
  • BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, and Lead-free
  • Bib has a tie back, which is tough for Chulengo to take off on his own


  • Not dryer friendly.  Recommend line drying.  I am not a fan of things I can’t throw in the dryer because mom-brain causes me to forget and accidentally dry anyway
  • The inside lining of both has started to peel, making it hazardous for Chulengo
  • Not as water resistant as I would like.  Fluid can easily seep through onto the floor or Chulengo’s clothing
  • Splat mat is flimsy, easily bunches up, slides all over.  Wish it had a non-skid backing
  • The sleeves of the bib have been stained by food, making the bib look dirty even when freshly washed

Verdict – Bumkins Splat Mat & Sleeved Bib

Pass! Instead of paying more than $12 for the bib, I can get the same style at IKEA for less than $5.  I like the idea of having a couple of bibs on hand in case one is dirty, so the cheaper IKEA option, is much more budget friendly.  If one of the bibs gets too dirty or stained to use, I don’t feel bad having to throw it away?  We use the splat mat every day, but only because we have it and I have been too lazy to find one that I actually like.  I can’t sweep food off of it easily because it is too flimsy.  I also drop a lot of food if I try to fold it and carry it to the trash can to clean up.  I spend more time cleaning up than I would like.  While both of these are aesthetically pleasing with the fun patterns, I would pass on them in the future.

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