Review: Dock-a-Tot Deluxe

Review:  Dock-a-Tot Deluxe


  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that comes in fun prints.
  • The cover is machine-washable.
  • Provided an environment where Chulengo slept through the night.
  • Customer service is excellent.  One side of our dock-a-tot seemed a little squishy, compared to when we had first purchased it.  I contacted dock-a-tot, and they replaced the entire tubing at no cost to me.
  • Fit comfortably in our stroller travel bag or suitcase to take with us when we were traveling. Comes with a plastic cover to effortlessly transport.
  • Convenient to nurse Chulengo at night time.
  • Can be transported very quickly from one room to another.
  • Available for purchase at many different stores and online.


  • The cover cannot go in the dryer, which makes the time for it to hang dry seem like forever when you want to use it for Chulengo’s next nap.
  • The cover is challenging to put on as it is a very tight fit.
  • Expensive compared to other co-sleepers.
  • Due to Chulengo growing so fast, we were only able to use the Level I for six months.
  • There have been articles about safety concerns with dock-a-tot.

Verdict – Dock-A-Tot Deluxe

Buy!  Chulengo would only sleep in the dock-a-tot.  We tried the bassinet, crib, and other co-sleepers without any luck.  We were desperate for sleep when we purchased the dock-a-tot, and it was a miracle.  Chulengo finally slept for long stretches at a time.  Although we only had a limited time with the dock-a-tot due to Chulengo outgrowing it, those were the best months of rest we have had.  This is an item we will purchase for friends and family when they are expecting; we love it so much!  If you want to try out the dock-a-tot, you can find it on Amazon HERE!

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