Baby Gear Review: Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Baby Gear Review:  Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Choosing a diaper bag when Chulengo was born was overwhelming because there were so many options. When looking for a bag, I had two priorities:

  1. Functionality
  2. Modern design

I wanted something that would accompany my everyday outfits, even if I had to dress up, but could still fit all the baby gear. I was looking for a bag that would work well on a plane ride, dinner out on the town with a baby, or at the park hanging out. Fawn Design just did this. 

I compiled a pro-cons list of the Fawn Design Diaper Bag to give you an honest, thorough, thoughtful review of this diaper bag.

**Coming back to this post to update. I have used the Fawn Design Diaper Bag for both kiddos for over five years. I’ve used it daily and taken it worldwide while traveling, and it has held up so well. The durability of this bag is like none other. ***

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using the link.  I use the products and recommend them, but all opinions are my own

woman holding a diaper bag on back: black leather with gold zippers
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Sleek and trendy look for a diaper bag

I have the black version; my sister has the brown version. Both look like bags we would carry around even before having kids. This bag doesn’t have the obnoxious appearance of most diaper bags.

You can also custom patches to dress up the look of the bag. Fashion styles are at your disposal. The patches can be text or patterns, customize your baby’s baby name or favorite character to your favorite style. Make the bag unique.


When we fly, I can pack this bag all our must-haves like an iPad, two muslin blankets, four burp cloths, two changes of clothing for Chulengo, a gallon-size bag of toys, a sippy cup; my make-up bag, two small books for Chulengo, a baby monitor & camera, a quart size bag full of electronic chargers, and my large wallet. For my typical day-to-day uses, I can fit a diaper changing pad, sippy cup, diapers, wipes, a few changes of clothing, and my wallet with more than enough space left over.

Lots of pockets

Plenty of pockets are on the inside, and the outside is ideal for organization. The zippered pocket on the inside is my favorite to hold important documents, extra cash, or small items that could easily get lost. The zippered pocket in front of the bag can keep essential things I can quickly access.

unclose picture of front zipper of fawn design diaper bag black leather with gold zippers

Adjustable straps

The straps easily adjust to fit both my husband and me. He’s quite a bit taller than me, so I appreciate that we can both carry this bag easily.


This bag can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag. There’s a long strap that I will sometimes wrap around my shoulder, which is ideal for wearing it for short periods. The backpack straps on the back of the bag are perfect for carrying the load for extended periods. I can even wear this bag and Chulengo in a baby carrier. 


I have had this bag for almost a year, and it still looks brand new. *Coming in here in 2022 to say that I still have this bag. And it still seems primarily new. It has held up so well.

Small, local company

 If you’ve been here for any length, you know it’s important for me to support small businesses. The customer service of Fawn Design has been incredible. 

back of fawn design diaper bag with backpack like straps
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Items can clip to the buckles for easy access

The large buckles make it easy to regularly attach my water bottle, hand sanitizer, and diaper station to the bag, making those things easy to access. 

Water Resistant

The inside of the bag is the same faux leather as the outside, which is perfect if a sippy cup leaks. The exterior of the bag keeps any water from coming inside the bag. So, I am confident in setting it down on dewy grass at the park.

Ideal Size

 The bag fits perfectly under the airplane seat, with plenty of space for my feet. I can also set it on the floor near my feet in the car’s passenger seat and still have room for my feet. I can also hang this bag on the back of a chair at a restaurant, and it only takes up a little space. This Fawn Design bag is big enough to fit all the stuff but small enough to keep on me in even the tightest spaces.

inside look at fawn design diaper bag black leather gold zippers

Wide opening with semicircle shape

 Okay, this might seem weird, but the top of the bag is so wide that it is effortless to pack and access any items inside it. I don’t have to take things out to get to items in the bag, which is a big win. 

Variety of colors

This bag comes in so many different colors. I chose the black bag because it is easy to keep clean. My sister has a brown bag, which is also gorgeous. I’ve seen pink and blue too!

Free shipping on orders over $100

Nothing more fun than free shipping.

Available in stores

You can pop over to Nordstrom and order this bag. As a Nordstrom fan, this speaks volumes for Fawn Design. Nordstrom doesn’t back brands unless they are incredible. So gives me even more confidence when purchasing from Fawn Design.


As with all products, there are a few cons to the Fawn Design Diaper Bag.

screenshot of diaper bag sold out on website

Sells out on their website

I was lucky to grab this bag in late 2017, but I’ve heard of others waiting because the bags sell out online. It’s a good problem because this bag is in high demand– people love it. It just means you must grab it without hesitation when it becomes available.

Limited In-Store Purchases.

I’ve seen this available at Nordstrom and Buy Buy Baby, but the color and design options are limited. It’s also available online through Amazon or directly through Fawn Design. 

Diaper Changing Pad Doesn’t Fit Inside Easily

I’ve been using the Skip Hop Diaper changing station for outings, which takes up quite a bit of space in the diaper bag. I usually clip it on the outside, but I’d love to find a changing pad that fits better.  **2023 Update: They now include a diaper changing pad with the purchase of this bag if you buy the Diaper Bag Bundle. You will also get a bottle bag, pacifier case, + stroller clips. See pic below for sample Diaper Bag Bundle.

changing pad, bottle bag, pacifier case, and stroller clips
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Hard to see inside bag in dim lighting

The black interior of the Fawn Design bag makes it a little hard to see inside when I am in dim areas. If the inside of the bag had more contrast, it would be easier to grab things in dim lighting. 


Compared to many diaper bags on the market, this Fawn Design Diaper Bag is costly. The $150 diaper bag can deter parents on a tighter budget.


Buy! Getting this bag satisfied my urge to buy a new purse. It’s trendy and practical, and I take it everywhere we go. I even take this with me to run errands without Chulengo because it is so easy to carry, looks great, and is very roomy. It is worth the hefty price tag because it has held up so well and is functional. **Chiming in again in 2022, four years after this post originally went live. If I could do it again, I would still buy this bag. It has held up so well that I could use it through two kiddos, and it still looks new. If you find the space in your budget for this bag, grab one!

If you have not been able to find a beloved baby bag, consider customizing your own backpack. Custom backpacks can be made in a variety of style options and, of course, in your favorite color. can also customize a backpack with your child’s name. 

Fawn diaper bag

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