Review: Ikea Antilop High Chair

Review:  Ikea Antilop High Chair

I stumbled upon this high chair during a late night online research session to find something for Chulengo to sit in during meal time.  I had initially put a $300+ high chair on my registry and had it fulfilled.  But I returned that high chair and replaced it with the IKEA High Chair.  I was able to put the money from the expensive high chair towards a convertible car seat that we would eventually need.


  • Super affordable – $23!
  • Easy to clean.  All parts are plastic.  Sometimes we even stick it outside and hose it down when Chulengo makes a big mess
  • Easy to assemble.  Can take apart and put in the car trunk to take when we travel to my in-laws
  • Other than the seat belt, no other attachments to worry about
  • Lightweight, but sturdy
  • Sleek and simple design
  • You can shop on Etsy for custom covers for the chair and tray.  **One of my favorite shops on Etsy, YeahBabyGoods, is offering a 10% Discount for Move Mama Move subscribers.  Click HERE to subscribe and receive access to the coupon code.


  • The tray can be difficult to remove
  • Only found at IKEA.  So unless you have an IKEA nearby, you must order online.  If shipped in the Continental US, shipping rate is $9, which is nothing when you look at how expensive most high chairs can be.
  • Takes up space and doesn’t fold up.  We have found a little corner to put it in, but it could be an issue if we didn’t have somewhere to put the chair.  I have tripped over the legs a couple of times because they stick out further than the rest of the chair
  • The length of the seatbelt straps can be difficult to change.  I had to jerry-rig the straps to stay tight while Chulengo is in the seat
  • Only able to use short-term.  Doesn’t adapt to a growing child like other chairs

Verdict – IKEA Antilop High Chair

Buy early on!  This was the perfect high chair to use when Chulengo first started eating solids.  We followed the Baby Led Weaning method, which was extremely messy.  This chair was so easy to keep clean.  I didn’t have to worry about seat covers and numerous straps.   The price and the ease of cleaning the chair are enough for me to recommend this chair.  My in-laws even bought this chair to feed Chulengo when he visits their home.

I just recently upgraded Chulengo’s high chair to one that we will modify as he grows.  We still use the IKEA chair when we are eating outside on the patio.  It is nice to have an extra high chair at home should we have guests come over.  They can put their little one in our extra high chair at mealtime.  We will definitely use this IKEA high chair again for our next child’s intro to Baby Led Weaning.

Review Ikea High Chair

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