Review: iLive Waterproof Fabric Wireless Speaker

Review:  iLive Waterproof Fabric Wireless Speaker

Oftentimes, I rely on the YouTube hits, Pandora channels, and songs downloaded from iTunes to jumpstart our dance parties, storytime, and sing-a-longs throughout the day. Finding the right speaker to get our kids’ attention has been crucial. It needs a volume that can overpower toddler screaming and durability to withstand being dropped and sometimes thrown. So, I introduce to you the iLive Waterproof Fabric Wireless Speaker. Thank you to iLive for providing this speaker for us to try out and review. All opinions are my own.

Blue cylindrical bluetooth speaker

What is it? The iLive Waterproof Fabric Wireless Speaker is a Bluetooth wireless speaker with a built-in microphone.


  • Compact Size. This was easy to fit inside of our diaper bag and beach bag to take with us on the go. We can play Cocomelon songs on the go, which can easily help deter toddler tantrums.
  • Waterproof. When listening to music with toddlers around, there’s a pretty good chance some liquid will get on my phone if I am using it to play music. With this speaker, I can put my phone up and out of the way and let the speaker get splashed by the water table, spilled drinks, bathtub water, and other kid-related wet messes.
  • Rechargeable. No batteries are needed. A charging cord powers the speaker. So I don’t have to worry about having batteries on hand, which is a huge win with toddlers around.
  • Portable. This speaker has been our companion at home and on outings. We listen to it in the backyard, upstairs in the playroom, at the beach, and while taking walks in the stroller.
  • Easy to use. After charging this speaker, I was able to pair it to my phone easily. Sometimes, I have difficulty connecting items through Bluetooth on my phone, but not this speaker.
  • Durable. With two toddlers at home, this speaker gets picked up, tossed around, chewed on, and still looks brand new.
  • Affordable. For less than $20, this speaker fits the bill.
  • Easy to hook to bags, strollers, and more. This speaker comes with an attached loop and a mini carabiner. So it’s perfect for taking on the go, especially while going for walks in the stroller.
  • Amazon Prime. I can purchase this speaker on Amazon with prime, which means I get it in two days and I can return it if I don’t like it.


  • Volume. The volume doesn’t get as high as I would like it to sometimes. Although it works great at our house and in our backyard, it can be hard to hear the music when we are at the beach. Maybe that’s a good thing for our beach neighbors, but we wish we could hear it better in more open spaces.
  • Buttons don’t lock. I wish I could lock the buttons. Only because our kids love to hold and play with the speaker, they often change the volume or turn off the speaker. I wish there were a way to keep them pushing the buttons while they play with the speaker.
  • Rechargeable. I have to remember to charge this bad boy now and then. I listed this as a pro also because I don’t need to use batteries. I have just made a habit of putting it back in the kitchen by our charging station after we use it. So it is ready to go each time we need it.


If you are in the market for a compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker to take with you on adventures, around the house, or in the backyard, the iLive speaker is a great option. It’s extremely toddler-friendly, affordable. We use it every day in our home.

Photo of toddler holding a bluetooth speaker while lookin at the ocean, wearing a tan hat and blue bathing suit.  With title:  Review iLive Waterproof Fabric Wireless Speaker.  Compact. Durable.  Waterproof.  Affordable.

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