Review: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Review:  Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This was the very first high chair we bought.  When Chulengo was first born, we lived in a smaller apartment with little space for a full-sized high chair.  So, we wanted something that would attach to the island in the kitchen at the time to save space.

  • Very portable.  We take this when we go to restaurants, travel, visit family and friends.  It folds up very easily
  • Carry bag attached to the chair.  Keeps the chair clean during transport.  We don’t have to worry about misplacing the bag since it is attached to the chair and gets stored in a little pouch on the bottom of the chair.  It also adds a little cushion to the seat
  • Easy to clean.  I can throw the cover in the wash after removing the seat and arms, which is easy
  • Sturdy.  I am able to put my full body weight on to the chair after attaching it to the counter
  • Storage pocket in the back.  This is in addition to the pouch for the storage bag.  I use this to put bibs, eating utensils, or other items I need to remember to take with me
  • Comes in a variety of colors to fit your decor style
  • Can fit on thick tables.  We have used this on tables that are up to 3.5″ thick
  • There is a small gap between the counter and the chair once it is attached.  Quite a bit of food can fall onto the floor if Chulengo starts to get a little wild
  • Difficult to wipe down for a quick clean between washes
  • It takes a bit of time to secure to the counter.  Sometimes I feel like I am twister the anchors for what seems like forever.  Especially when we are in a restaurant and need to get out ASAP because Chulengo is losing it
  • There is a disclaimer to avoid using the chair once the baby can stand.  Chulengo has tried to stand up in the chair by putting his foot on the seat, but we have been able to watch him carefully and avoid  him stepping up onto the chair
  • Cannot be used on small tables that don’t have four legs or tables that are lightweight
Verdict – Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Buy!  Being able to take this high chair with us wherever we go has given us such piece of mind.  Being a bit of a germaphobe, I worry about how clean high chairs are in restaurants.  Some restaurants don’t have high chairs, so this has helped us out tremendously.  Chulengo can sit right up to the table with us.  When he feels like he is at our level, he is much more enjoyable at meal time.  We also don’t have to worry about table height, like we would if he was in a traditional restaurant high chair.  I am also able to use this on our island, to let Chulengo watch me in the kitchen.  Of course, I don’t leave him unattended in the chair for safety reasons, but I feel like that should be the case with any high chair.  Get it on Amazon  HERE.

Inglesina High Chair
Inglesina High Chair

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