Review: Little Nomad Play Mat

Review:  Little Nomad Play Mat

Little Nomad’s Play Mat is a foam mat that can be used to improve safety where your little one crawls and plays.


  • Liquid resistant.  Easy to clean up spilled milk, water, drool, or other fluids
  • Made from non-toxic products
  • Looks like a trendy rug.  Variety of prints to complement home decor
  • Soft, light colors that are relaxing and blend in well
  • Customizable size to fit odd spaces
  • The company regularly donates to charities
  • Free shipping when ordered online


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • The top layer (print) along the edges will curl up at times and I have had to super glue them down
  • Available in only five stores nationwide, so must purchase online if not near one of the five stores
  • Can get damaged from sharp corners of furniture, pet claws, other pointy objects
  • Requires a non-slip rug mat if not anchored by furniture or boundaries of the wall
  • Customers are required to pay for shipping if wanting to return the item

Verdict – Little Nomad Play Mat

Buy — if it is in the budget!  I was attracted to this mat from the first time I saw it online.  Knowing that I would be decorating a playroom for our next home, I had been on the lookout for a mat to use.  My husband and I take pride in the tasteful decor of our home.  I wanted something chic, and I wanted to avoid a loud, obnoxious mat that took over the whole room.  I love the softness of the color and pattern of the Little Nomad Play Mat.  The color compliments the furniture in the room.  The mat fits perfectly in our den-turned-playroom.  I have been able to customize the shape of the play mat so that it fits in the entryway of the room.  I can vacuum and mop the mat very quickly to keep it clean on a regular basis.  I get a TON of compliments on the mat when folks come over and see it.  I love that I can use this mat in any room.   This would look great in our living room if we needed to re-home our playroom.

Little Nomad Play Mat

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  • Absolutely stunning mats! It’s so hard to match the play mat to your living room and you showed that any style is possible – whether bohemian, oriental or modern. Beautiful photos, and I agree that this mat looks like bohemian rug – thanks! Greetings from Toki Mats

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