Review: Owlet Smart Sock

Review: Owlet Smart Sock

There are definitely perks to having a baby today when technology is revolutionizing the way we raise kids. Having a piece of technology ease any unnecessary burden of parenting is always a win in my book. But, as a mom with a new baby, the amount of baby-related tech products available is pretty overwhelming. I wanted to take the time to review this unique product that has eased my mind over the past few months.

What is it?

Screen shot of the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor, the Base, and what the app looks like on a phone

The Owlet Smart Sock is a smart sock that fits comfortably around the foot of a baby, to monitor heart rate, oxygen rate, and sleep cycles. Data from the sock is tracked by a base station, which sends information to the Owlet app downloaded on an apple or android device. When vitals drop below a safe level, an alarm goes off on the base station and cell phone connected to the app.


  • Being able to monitor vitals can really bring peace of mind as a parent. We initially bought the Owlet Smart Sock after Bambino was hospitalized with a respiratory infection as a newborn. His oxygen was monitored around the clock at the hospital. I was nervous about bringing him home without some sort of oxygen monitor, and the Owlet Smart Sock was the perfect solution. We recently had a food allergy scare with Bambino. Having the Owlet Smart Sock on hand was beyond a blessing.
  • The sleep monitor tracks wake times, light sleep cycles, and deep sleep cycles. I like being able to know the quality of sleep Bambino gets so that I could understand if he is fussy due to fatigue or something else.
  • I use the Owlet Smart Sock to record wake and sleep cycles, instead of manually tracking. I easily look at the app and see when Bambino last woke up to determine if it is time for another nap. Having two kids, I am less rigid with Bambino’s schedule, and it is a good mental break to not have to remember when he woke up last.
  • The data is easy to read. The charts are simple to follow.
  • The base unit alarms if a potential issue comes up, such as high heart rate, low oxygen levels, or the sock has come loose.
  • The base unit has a dim-light option to decrease light pollution at night.
  • The data is stored in the app. So it can be referenced later on.
  • The sock, which is BPA-free and lead-free, comes in three different sizes (0-18 months), is easy to put on, and is relatively discrete. It’s easy to clean between uses.
  • There is a 45-night peace of mind guarantee. Thankfully, we like the Owlet Smart Sock, so we have hung onto it, but I appreciated knowing that I could return the item within 45 days of purchasing if needed.
  • Often, HSA/FSA funds can be used to purchase the owlet monitor.
  • The resale value is pretty good.


  • Wifi is required to use the sock. So, if our internet is down, power is out or traveling to a place without internet, we are unable to use the Owlet Smart Sock.
  • I do have to charge the sock daily. Usually, this isn’t an issue, but if I forget to take it off after Bambino wakes in the morning, then the battery is typically low for his morning nap.
  • Occasional false alarms have gone off. But, I would rather hear a false alarm than no alarm when something is actually wrong. This has happened maybe three times in six months.
  • The smart sock will slide off if I don’t put socks or footed pants on Bambino, which will lead to the alarm going off.
  • I feel a bit reliant on it. Occasionally, I have forgotten to turn on the base for a sleeping period, and I have a little freak-out moment. I also dread the first night we choose not to continue using it.


If you need peace of mind, go for it! Using the Owlet Smart Sock for our second child has made our lives much more relaxed. Since Bambino rarely sleeps anywhere but his crib, I feel comfortable playing with his big brother in different areas of our house and yard. And I know the Owlet will let me know if something is not right.

Pinterest pin formatted of baby wearing an Owlet smart sock with hand reaching toward foot
Bottom half of a baby lying down with one leg straight and one leg bent, with an Owlet smart sock on the foot of the straight leg

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