Small Business Spotlight: C.G.M Fitness

Small Business Spotlight: C.G.M Fitness

We currently attend a local fitness club with three free hours of childcare per day. While this sounds lovely, it has been too good to be true. I’ve still had a difficult time getting to the gym with my kiddos for three reasons:

  1. The kids club fills up quickly if I don’t schedule out early enough, which is sometimes impossible in this season of life.
  2. I like when the classes I enjoy taking need to align with the gym’s childcare availability. So, I am only motivated to get to the gym if I can take the classes I want.
  3. My kids get sick and can’t always attend the kids club. This past winter has hit us especially hard, which has been frustrating since I am stuck at home helping them get better.

I recently connected with Cara D’Orazio, who is making fitness classes more accessible for people whose schedules, desires, or needs don’t fit the typical in-person gym model.

Can you tell Move Mama Move readers about C.G.M. Fitness?

C.G.M. Fitness, Inc. is both an in-person and virtual group fitness and personal training service. Five formats are taught online through zoom for group classes:

  • Band
  • Barre
  • Pilates/barre hybrid I created called L.E.T.S. Werq!
  • Butt and gut
  • Cardio/strength class called Hardcore and more.

If participants can’t make the live classes, they can do the on-demand workouts that go up each day after class.The group fitness classes range from $9-13 a class. There are also unlimited memberships.

I train clients 1:1 online, in my fitness studio based on Long Island, and travel for up to 15 miles.

three separate fitness classes with dates and type of class

How did you come up with this service idea?

I have been teaching and training since 2005. However, I went virtual when Covid came about and now offer both types of training.

What is your background?

I am a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine since 2005. I also hold a group certification thru A.F.A.A. I have specialties in barre, Pilates, T.R.X., and kettlebell!

woman doing a squat in her living room

What do clients like most about C.G.M. Fitness?

They like how the class changes every single day. I never repeat the same routine. I encourage women to find the format they love, and it will motivate them to move more!

What is one piece of advice you would offer people who are having a tough time getting into a good fitness route right now?

Find what you love to do. Don’t feel pressured to do 60 minutes. Maybe start with 10 min and work your way up.

What has been your favorite client interaction and why?

I teach clients from ages 16-70. They all bring something different and unique to the table. I can’t pick just one :).

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Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I will be doing what I am doing now and reaching more and more women on a daily basis!

Anyone can try a class or recording for free for the first time. Head to my website! Drop the live class or recording of choice into your cart, and add code WELCOMECGM at checkout.

If you’re looking for a way to prioritize fitness without dealing with the stress of getting to the gym. Or if the idea of working out with a seasoned professional in the comfort of your own home sounds right up your alley, check out Cara with C.G.M. Fitness.

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