Small Business Spotlight: Peejamas: Alternative For Diapers

Small Business Spotlight:  Peejamas: Alternative For Diapers

The world needs more small businesses. Those small businesses need more support. The support has to come from people like you and me. So, I wanted to take the time to shine the spotlight on an exceptional small business. As we approach the first anniversary of beginning our potty training journey with Chulengo, I wanted to focus on Peejamas. This company has revolutionized night-time potty training for families.

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Who is Peejamas?

Started in 2016 by a father of three, Peejamas is a five-person company based in Utah that is changing the potty-training industry. With a focus on night-time potty training, Peejamas has created an affordable, environmentally-friendly, trendy alternative to night-time diapers and disposable training pants. Peejamas save the sanity of parents and build the confidence of children who are at risk for night time potty accidents.

Two small kids, holding hands wearing Peejamas, one pair with a whale print, the other with a striped print.
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What are Peejamas?

Made from bamboo and cotton, Peejamas have a built-in absorbent, cloth-diaper. Each pair is made to fit and feel like regular pajamas, but hold urine when accidents happen. Peejamas can hold up to 15 times their weight in urine. They are snug enough to contain the urine but loose enough to make children think they are wearing regular pajamas. Peejamas can be washed up to 300 times before losing their absorbency power.

Two separate pairs of Peejamas, one with a whale print and the other with navy and white stripes.
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Where can you buy them?

Based out of Utah, Peejamas, are shipped directly to your door, worldwide. One major win for not having to step foot into a store to purchase. Another major win to have them shipped around the world.

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When should you use them?

Were you thinking about potty training? Do you have the day-time potty training down, but avoiding the night-time potty training? Chulengo has been day-time potty trained for almost a year. I’ve relied on pull-ups at nap and night times to prevent accidents. After getting pregnant again, I didn’t have the time or energy to handle potty accidents at sleep time. I dreaded the idea of changing bed sheets in the middle of the night, especially after we added Bambino to the family. So, I avoided night-time potty training.

Peejamas were just what I needed to take the leap and start sleep-time potty training. I started having Chulengo wear Peejamas at nap time, instead of a pull-up. And I can’t believe I am saying this [crossing my fingers], but a month into using Peejamas at nap time and he hasn’t had a nap time accident.

I introduced the Peejamas to Chulengo as “special nap pants.” I made a huge deal about being able to wear underwear with these unique pants. So, he was pretty excited to put them on. Every day, I tell Chulengo how proud I am that he is wearing underwear at nap time.

For some time, I would still put him in a pull-up at night, but he started waking at night to tell us he had to use the potty. So, I held my breath and put him in Peejamas at night time. He does occasionally have an accident, but more often than not, he wakes up dry. And the best part is that his sheets are dry if he has an accident.

Young boy wearing blue Peejamas shorts while reading a book and sitting in a macrame swing
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Why do I need these?

Help Protect the Environment

Less disposable diapers are ending up in the landfill. In the few years that Peejamas have been available, they have prevented more than 13 million diapers from going into the garbage in the US.

Save money

No more buying pull-ups, night-time diapers, or sizing up with expensive cloth diapers. The price of two pairs of Peejamas is equal to one or two months of disposable training pants. Which may seem like a lot, but Peejamas can withstand daily wear for at least a year. So, in one year, you can spend $60 for two pairs of Peejamas or $500 for daily disposable training pants.

Improve Optimism about Potty Training

Parents are leaping into a once dreaded phase of potty training. We don’t have to wash soiled bedding daily due to accidents. Urine is contained in the Peejamas, instead of on the bedsheets. Washing a pair of pants trumps washing bedding every single day.

Choose Safe Materials

They are made from materials that are safe for children: bamboo and cotton. They are not soaked in fire-retardant like many children’s clothing items. Therefore, less likely to irritate children’s skin.

Stop wasting time

Less time removing bedding, washing sheets, and remaking beds. Less time at bedtime, taking out the “put on your pull up” step. Less time in the stores buying disposable diapers or training pants.

Improve confidence

Peejamas build the confidence of kids in the potty-training phase, by making them think they have forgone diapers and training pants and moving onto underwear and big kid pants for nighttime.

A young boy wearing blue and white striped Peejamas, jumping on his bed with his feet kicked up in the air
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Peejamas are the solution to many issues facing the world today. Take the next step in potty training, set your fears aside, tackle the sleep-time potty training, and check out Peejamas. If you are looking to make more eco-friendly choices, check out Peejamas. Save money; instead of wasting it on disposable diapers, check out Peejamas. If you are looking for a solution to bed-wetting, check out Peejamas.

A young boy wearing blue and white striped Peejamas, jumping on his bed with his feet kicked up in the air

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