Small Business Spotlight: Sitka Salmon Shares

Small Business Spotlight: Sitka Salmon Shares

The world needs more small businesses. Those small businesses need more support. The support has to come from people like you and me. So, this month, I wanted to take the time to shine the spotlight on an exceptional small business. Thank you to Sitka Salmon Shares for providing a monthly share for me to sample.


Sitka Salmon Shares is a company made up of small-boat Alaskan fishermen, that deliver wild-caught Alaskan seafood directly to homes in the continental US. These fisherman-owners, individually catch each fish and value hard work, high-quality fish, and low-impact harvesting methods.

Man on a boat in Alaska holding a large fish


Freshly caught fish, via hook & line, immediately put on ice and brought to shore within a few days of being caught. The fish is then filleted, portioned, vacuum-sealed, and blast-frozen to maintain freshness for up to a year. Each share includes fresh seafood, recipes, and a newsletter about the fishermen who caught that month’s share.

Box of flash frozen seafood with vegetables, a loaf of bread, and recipes next to it


Fish from Sitka Salmon Shares are ethically and sustainably caught, prepared, flash-frozen, and packaged in Southeast Alaska and the North Pacific. Then, delivered directly to your door.

A fishing boat in an Alaskan bay


Every month a box of yummy blast-frozen Alaskan seafood will arrive at your doorstep. Delivery schedules for 2020 can be found by clicking here.

A rectangular package on a front doorstep


Because seafood should be delicious, it should taste fresh. I’m picky when it comes to seafood. Sitka Salmon Shares is the only type of salmon I will make, and thankfully, I have learned that fish doesn’t have to taste fishy.

And the fish caught by Sitka Salmon Shares partners are caught ethically and sustainably, which leaves little carbon footprint on the world. Fish are caught with care and purpose. They are individually handled. They are not crushed and bruised like they would be if caught by a factory trawler. If the wrong species of fish is caught, it is let go back into the ocean to continue living.

And Sitka Salmon Shares supports local fishermen who are working to support their own families and small towns. They live, work, and play where they catch their fish. These fishermen are receiving a fair wage for their hard work. They receive an average of 20-30% more for their harvest than typical fishermen.

And also, because it’s easy. I just have to open my front door on the day of delivery. I have fresh seafood, recipes, and a newsletter about the fishermen who caught that month’s share.  No store-bought seafood here anymore!

Want to give Sitka Salmon Shares a try? You can order online and save $25 on any share (except the Taste of Fall Share) with the code “MoveMama”.

A collage of photos.  One woman holding a large fish.  An older man holding a rope.  A young man filleting a fish.  A dock of fishing boats.  And an Alaskan Bay

At a time when grocery shopping isn’t as safe as convenient as it used to be. And at a time when supporting small businesses is more important than ever. Sitka Salmon Shares is the perfect solution to provide healthy, safe, ethically harvested food for our families. Check out Sitka Salmon Shares for your food delivery and save $25, using the code “MoveMama”

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