Small Business Spotlight: Stylish Spaces New York

Small Business Spotlight: Stylish Spaces New York

If you’ve read this blog or followed me on social media for any length of time you know I am a big fan of organizing. I’m always reworking different areas in our home to make them more functional and stress free. This year, I’ve been working on 52 spaces in my home to organize this year. I’m off to a good start with over 14 spaces reorganized, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Someday, I hope to expand Move Mama Move into the organizing space once I have more availability in my schedule. For now, I love connecting with professional organizers: learning about how they got started and how they are changing the lives of others through organization. I recently connected with Sarah DeGrim, founder of Stylish Spaces New York and had the opportunity to interview her about the impact she’s created with her company.

Can you tell Move Mama Move readers about Stylish Spaces New York?

Stylish Spaces is an all inclusive home organizing company based in NYC. We focus on marrying function and style in each one of our projects. We pride ourselves on bringing no judgment, only beautiful solutions to our clients’ homes and lives. 

How did you come up with this service idea?

When I was pregnant with my first son, we were accumulated all the things that tiny humans require; our once tidy and comfortable apartment quickly became overstuffed and overwhelming.  As someone who has always loved problem solving, I started to seek solutions to store all of these new items for our growing family and through the process realized that I was not only good at it but I really enjoyed it. I liked the challenge of making the space work, while still fitting within our style and I loved how I felt when everything was put away and working functionally. 

I realized that a lack of space will almost always be a factor for people who choose to live in smaller homes or are confined due to city living. These space constraints then start to multiply for those with growing families, work from home or have growing hobbies and the home has to accommodate all sorts of functions. 

It was then that the light bulb turned on and there was no denying my excitement that I could be a part of improving the way people were living in their homes. 

two pictures, one area sorting cars in bins and another with a white bookshelf with toys on it

What is your background?

I started my career in Private Wealth Management and experienced quick success; however felt that given the lack of work/ life balance, I wasn’t being truly fulfilled by my job and wanted to focus on something that I enjoyed more and that inspired me. 

What do people like most about your organizing business?

I take a lot of pride in getting to know each one of my clients and understanding specific challenges and goals they have for their space and in their lives. Understanding their lifestyle and what’s important to them, allows me to design organizational systems that function in a way that supports their lifestyle and matches their aesthetic while most often elevating the design of their home. 

My clients definitely enjoy the feeling of their homes after we’re gone and we’ve transformed the space. They enjoy feeling empowered by understanding their organizational systems and having the power to keep their homes feeling so wonderful day after day. It’s a transformation of a home but often of a person and/or family.

two pictures, backpacks on the back of a door, and a closet with shoes and sporting equipment

What is one piece of advice you would offer people looking to get organized?

Getting organized can be hard, I understand that and sympathize so be gentle with yourself. That being said, it’s such a valuable tool in all areas of your life and will truly help you live your best life at home, in relationships, at work and support your hobbies. 

Start small and ask for help. Also try and remember to not only think about where something lives but how are you going to access it and is it easy to return it. Simple is always best. And if possible, make the investment and work with a professional. 

What has been your favorite organizational project and why?

Wow this is hard. I love helping people enjoy their homes and I’ve had the opportunity to help so many people regain control of their lives this way but I think I consistently get the most excited when I get to work with growing families. Even families who are done having kids but are now planning on how to upgrade spaces for kids to grow into. I believe homes should be lived in and loved and when they are filled with life, it’s a beautiful thing. 

Sarah DeGrim from Stylish Spaces New York

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

Stylish Spaces continues to grow as a company and hire more amazing organizers who all bring such a wonderful aspect of joy and creativity to our clients. We are moving more and more towards incorporating interior design into all of our projects which is fun and exciting. In the next five years I see a lot of growth and can’t wait to help so many people in NYC and other cities soon!

If you’re looking for a way to prioritize order in your home and need a little nudge to get things started, check out Sarah with Stylish Spaces New York.

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