Review: Uppababy Vista Stroller

Review:  Uppababy Vista Stroller


  • Folds easily and is relatively lightweight.
  • Stands up when folded.
  • Durable wheels for rugged terrain. I can take the stroller on grass, dirt paths, rocky areas without difficulty.
  • Extremely smooth maneuvering.   The stroller glides very well.
  • You can attach the bassinet, car seat, or a toddler seat or a combination of both with the right accessories.
  • The adjustable handlebar makes pushing the stroller comfortable for me (5’5″) and my husband (6’0″),
  • Adjacent to the rear wheel, there is a foot brake with a red/green indicator which comes in handy when my hands are full.
    • The green indicator means the brake is off.
    • The red indicator means the brake is on.
  • Easily converts into a double stroller with purchased accessories.  The various configurations used with bassinet, Mesa car seat and toddler seat allow for this stroller to grow with our family.
  • Comes with a toddler seat with many perks:
    • Adjustable 5-point harness
    • Reclines at many angles
    • Sunshade canopy attached that can has an adjustable height to accommodate a growing child
    • The chair can face forward or backward
  • Large storage basket underneath, where I can easily fit  4, full re-useable shopping bags.  Makes running errands and grocery shopping a breeze.
  • If the stroller is transported in the official Uppababy travel bag (additional purchase), Uppababy will replace any items damaged while traveling.  You do have to register your products on the Uppababy website when you purchase them to receive this service.
  • Customer service is superb.  Twice I have contacted Uppababy with stroller issues.   When pushing the stroller, the back wheel made an odd clicking sound.  This wasn’t a huge deal and didn’t affect the mechanical use of the stroller.  The noise bothered me when I would be on quiet walks with Chulengo.  Therefore, I contacted Uppababy via a chat message on their website, which I love because I can print out information and I don’t need to chat on the phone.  Both times, a replacement frame arrived at our home within a couple of days of reporting the issue.
  • Accessories are top notch.  We love the rain shield and snack tray.


  • Pricey compared to other strollers.
  • A bit bulky when trying to maneuver in smaller spaces.
  • Takes up a bit of room in the trunk, especially when toddler seat is attached.
  • When folded in standing position, the handle touches the ground to maintain balance.  This grosses me out because I hate when things I hold regularly touch the ground.  Yuck!

Verdict – Uppababy Vista Stroller

Buy!  I could go on and on about how great this stroller is.  This is one of my favorite items we purchased when expecting Chulengo.  It is easy to use, excellent quality, looks sleek, and the customer service for Uppababy is incredible.  Finally, because we travel as much as we do, having the insurance that our stroller will be safe during transport or can be easily replaced at no cost to us sets our minds at ease.

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