Date-Night-In Jar

Date-Night-In Jar

This past Valentine’s Day I decided to get creative and make a gift for my husband.  Moving to a new city, while having a little one, has made our date nights far and few between lately.  I am in the process of finding a regular date night sitter, but I came up with a creative way to date each other without leaving the house.

So, to create the Date-Night-In jar, I picked up a mason jar from the store for a couple of bucks.  I then used some washi tape, and post-it notes that I had at home to decorate the outside of the jar.  I wrote down date night ideas for home on small pieces of paper.  Then, folded each piece of paper up and put each of them in the jar.  I tried to come up with a number of ideas to keep things fun and have a good variety.  Subscribe to Move Mama Move and receive a print out for over 60 date-night-in ideas to make your own jar!

Date Night In

Each week we draw a date idea from the jar and pick a day that works for our schedule.  Our new dating idea has been an excellent way for us to spice up life a bit while having to stay at home until we find a regular sitter.  Usually, we try to plan the date night around Chulengo’s sleep schedule so we can have alone time.  Most ideas have worked best during nap time or after he goes to sleep for the night.  Occasionally, we have incorporated Chulengo into date night if it involves a meal.  We will enjoy the main course with Chulengo.  Then once we put him down for the night, we will enjoy a dessert or a drink together to go along with the theme.

Our typical date-night-out involves paying for a babysitter, parking, and a meal or event.  Which all add up.  So, we have been able to save a lot of money by using the Date-Night-In jar.  In our city, we usually have to make reservations far in advance to get a table at a restaurant.  And with my husband’s work schedule, we often don’t know what our evening availability is until a day or two before date night.  So the Date-Night-In jar allows us to be spontaneous.

Subscribe to Move Mama Move, and I will send you a printout with 60 date ideas for you to create your very own Date-Night-In Jar.  I have come up with a list of food-related dates, movie dates, game dates, project dates, and more!  Below are two examples, with pictures, of recent date nights we have had at home:  “French Night” and “Italian Night.”

Our first date night in we drew from the jar was “Theme Night: Italy.”  There is a really great Italian grocery store in our town that was our one stop shop for this date night.  We picked up bread from the bakery, a bottle of wine, produce for a salad, fresh pasta, and dessert.  Now, we are no strangers to making pasta as it is one of our favorite dishes.  But we wanted to try something new and came up with a recipe for a creamy shrimp lemon pepper pasta.  My husband picked out Italian music to play during dinner.  Below is a picture of our yummy homemade pasta.  Chulengo had dinner with us, and we saved a glass of wine and dessert for our time together after he went to sleep.

Italian Wine

Another Date-Night-In we enjoyed happened also had a food theme, “Theme Night: France.”  Now, we had difficulty coming up with a French dish.  So, we did a little research and found a recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Thankfully, there is a French market near our home, and we were able to stop in for some more ideas.  We picked up a gruyere cheese, fresh chicken breasts, prosciutto, and French wine.  Learning to make the Chicken Cordon Bleu dish together was fun, and we got to enjoy time in the kitchen together.  This meal was probably one of our favorite meals of all time.  Enjoy pictures of our fun French night.

French Night Date

French Date Night Food

How do you like to spend your time together at home, when you aren’t able to get out of the house?  Do you have any other date ideas you recommend?  Subscribe to Move Mama Move and receive a printout to make your very own Date-Night-In Jar

Date Night In

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